Compulsory 1st year Bachelor Degree in Computer Science curriculum Analisi Matematica II , ati, Esercizi di Matematica. G. De Marco, C. Mariconda: Esercizi di calcolo in una variabile, Zanichelli Decibel. S. Salsa, A. Squellati: Esercizi di analisi matematica 1, Zanichelli. E. Acerbi, L. ,ati, Esercizi di Analisi Matematica 1, Zanichelli. Recine L. e Romeo M. Esercizi di analisi matematica Volume I (Edizione 2), Maggioli Editore .

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Mathematical Analysis T-1 (A-K) / — School of Engineering and Architecture

To give students a rigorous understanding of the theory of real- and vector-valued functions. Students will acquire an understanding of basic properties of the field of real numbers, concepts of infinity, limits of functions and methods for calculating them, continuity, differentiation, integration and Taylor series.

Italian Lectures and exercise classes. This site uses only proprietary and third party technical cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of zanichslli.


I agree I want to find out more. Browse the Department site: Browse the Teaching site: The course profile, written following the Tuning international methodologyis available here.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Zanicbelli Course Objectives To esegcizi students a rigorous understanding of the theory of real- and vector-valued functions. Learning Outcomes Dublin Descriptors On successful completion of this course, the student should have a good dquellati and understanding of basic properties of real numbers, functions; demonstrate an understanding of basic topics in the analysis of functions, including limits, continuity, differentiation, Taylor-MacLaurin series, and integration; be able to apply his knowledge and understanding to tackle basic problems from applied mathematics and engineering; understand formal mathematical definitions and theorems, and apply them to prove statements about functions; demonstrate skills in mathematical reasoning and ability to conceive a proof; be able to explain the main notions and results of mathematical analysis; demonstrate capacity to read and understand advanced texts.


Prerequisites and Learning Activities Basic mathematical notions and methods as learnt at high school. Assessment Methods and Criteria Written and oral exam.

Summary of Analisi Matematica I

Rubino, Corso di Analisi Matematica 1. Sbordone, Esercitazioni di Matematica. Squellati, Esercizi di Matematica. Online Teaching Resources Homepage: Click here to access the teaching material available on this site last update: Teaching material available on the external website http: De Carolis ,il giorno 30 novembre p.

Show all the course news. Course page updates This course page is available with possible updates also for the following academic years: