HiFime Sabre UAE23HD USB DAC with Sabre DAC chip – compact ESS Sabre ESk2m DAC chip and SABRE headphone and line out driver. From what I heard from multiple manufactures, Yes, right now ESS Sabre is the best chip, and the is ONLY choice (for making high-end. I am a self-certified “fanboy” of ESS Sabre DAC chip family as a DIY digital audiophile. I bought ES Evaluation Board, ESK2M.

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We used a double PCB to be able to fit in this small box. The volume level goes quite loud, more than enough for ohm HD’s.

Chrome on Mac’s also doesn’t support kHz. It also have like the U2 ess UAE23 an optical output, which works up to khz. We think the sound of this DAC is really great! Another cool features is that it works with Android 5. This makes it a super small portable highly audiophile solution. It comes in stylish small aluminium box and has a digital controlled lossless volume control, and a display showing 90018 sample rate.

Benefits of the step digital volume control.


Using a digital volume control this way will be better than an analog one unless you have a analog volume control that has a lower noise floor than the DAC itself. More info on this devices will follow. No, it is also only USB. They are very similar, the differences for the D are that the gain is set higher, it has a display showing sample rate and volume level, it exs a MCU to control volume level output from DAC chip in steps, and it has a switch to chose USB Full Speed or High Speed mode Full speed mode doesn’t require drivers.

If would order right now a desktop version with usb and 2 switchable spdif inputs at least one opticalrca output and a separate headphone sabrf. Feels that when used with PC, a very saber usecase is to connect to HiFi, instead of headphones only. You can of course connect the output to an amplifier, preamp or other line level device. Both of them will work well with line level, and probably you don’t esd the bigger D if you don’t need the volume level control from the DAC. More thinking in terms of audio quality.


Since your device is headphone output, you may have put in a headphone amp, versus suitable amp for line level output. Also, AC powered for cleaner power supply may be useful. The esk2m output is differential which means that it requires a OPA or driver chip, esss can’t be connected directly as the es The chip we used, maxa is suitable both for line level as well as lower impedance loads.

Announcing new Hifime DAC’s with ESS Sabre 9018

Should have made the MCU display at the top instead at the back directly opposite of the output, would make it way more usable. Oh well, I guess it’s too late now since I assume that you’ve already begin production.

Thanks for the feedback. We made it this way because it avoids any extra customisation and we can use a standard case design, and a standard display. In which mode the DAC operate? IOut or in VOut? Would this new dac be a good investiment over the U2 HD using a E12? I like the U2 sound, but always considering something higher: Hi, the has a more detailed sound saabre the U2, it should also work better when not using the E However it does require drivers in Windows, and it has only 8 steps volume so you might have to use that E12 if you can’t find a good match.

The D will work good with the HD without any other headphone amp.

Announcing new Hifime DAC’s with ESS Sabre

Is the the same sound quality as the D in these setup? Is the volume control on the D controlled from system volume, or do you have to use the buttons on the device? You can control it from system volume, but only in 8 steps. I will be connect to amplifier with speakers not headphone. Sorry about the delayed reply, we’re found we were not notified on new messages recently.


However there are some issues with some brands of USB 3. Any plans xabre create a series dac that can be connected to an external PSU like the usb dac 2?

Hi, yes this a very late reply, but we have now made a sample for a new DAC that can be used with an external power supply.


It also has a isolator chip i2s isolation that also supports high resolution. Will you be creating a board for the Pi? Any plans for usb dac but with external power supply option and rca outputs? Really hoping for this. We suggest a cable like this: I’d really like if your company would sell a 5.

Esss you considered there’s a market for a good sounding and not expensive multichannel DAC? Hi RicRen, I’ll support your suggestion for a 5. I have a 7. Hello, any plans for usb dac but with external power supply option and rca outputs?

We are working on a exciting new DAC, it has optional external power supply, isolated signal. Output still from 3.

Hi,thanks for the great design and construction sarbe the uda Currently it is connected analog via the headphone jack. If so does this work with usb input in high mode used with windows 10 drivers? Thanks in advance and keep going making great products. Hi, thanks for your feedback! The UDA18 doesn’t have optical through asbre 3.

The UH1 does have optical output on the fron 3. You can fine tune volume level in software. Works plug-n-play with Android 5. It can drive most ohm headphones.