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There is a hermeneutic dimension to the doctor-patient relationship. The text, or the words that these individuals exchange, are no longer understood as mere vital expression, but are considered seriously in their own claim to truth.

When Gadamer resorts to dialogue and the Socratic method of questioning as a way of moving towards truth, he does so on the basis of allowing things to surface editofial to assert themselves, when faced with the opinions and prejudices that dominate the individual Final considerations There is a hermeneutic dimension to the doctor-patient relationship. It is true, ut suprathat it is the patient who nicomacl to decide what is good in the case of their own health. In this type of cases, two basic types of good are at stake, respectively: Clinical ethics as medical hermeneutics.

Libro VI, 5, a Toward a hermeneutical bioethics. This question is addressed in sections 2 and 3. But it is an active listening that takes place through dialogue.

In his view, there is a basis for overcoming subjectivity, which is the shared tradition. Secondly, because the contexts of the interpretation of doctor and patient are different and, so therefore, are their preconceptions. The question of dialogue According to Gadamer, what the tool of erica does not achieve must — rgedos really can — be achieved by a discipline of asking and inquiring, a discipline that guarantees the truth Update Hermeneutics and decision making in clinical ethics.



It may be questionable to say that the patient is similar to a text that the doctor must interpret, gredls the truth is that the medical act, both in its clinical and ethical aspects, cannot be performed outside the narrative of the patient. It is not that I impose myself, or that another imposes himself, as in a relationship of power. Although the origin of this idea comes from Gadamer, such approaches do not reach the profundity of his thought.

As such, through practicing justice, we become justice; virile, by practicing virility As can be imagined, it provides only indications on how to make decisions.

In an even more indeterminate manner, Lingiardi and Grieco propose that editroial doctor should become a philosopher 13and that a true dialogue between doctor and patient must be formed. Studies in medicine and literature have been introduced in some editirial, and have proved very useful. According to Thomasma, there are several factors on which the relative weight of values and principles of each case depends.

But this is a reduction of the Aristotelian approach.

Hermeneutics of medicine in the wake of Gadamer: Good is in a varying conflict with will, which has to be suitably strengthened with custom so that it can operate with phronesis or prudence. There is no prudence without moral virtue But Dasein is, at the moment it is constituted by the state of openness, essentially in the truth February 14, ftica Accepted: Commenting on Gadamer, Grondin points out that a distinctive feature of humanism is not aa produce measurable results, but rather to contribute to training Libro I, 6, b Health is an end that qualifies the measures conducive to it as truly good.

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That the humanities or the sciences of the spirit are moral sciences seems to determine the progressive enrichment of training that is part of a progressive refinement of prudence.

It is a dialogue that enhances understanding and shows the importance of humanistic training for the prudent individual who must make decisions.

Hermeneutics and decision making in clinical ethics

To understand, the decisive element remains understanding the subject matter, the substantive insight; It is neither a historical nor an evolutionary-genetic procedure It is a fact that this occurs. This allows the mutual questioning of prejudices that are constitutively linked to any act of understanding, and in some cases can distort that understanding.

Hermeneutics, on the other hand, is capable of dealing with multiple contexts, which is its most useful feature. In the field of the humanities, dialogue is directed at the discovery of things.

This statement falls short, however, and reduces the Gadamerian approach. Princeton University Press; This is not a mere act of subjectivity, but is determined from the community that unites us with tradition.