Tagged Andrea Rossi, charged cluster, E-Cat, electron cluster, eugene podkletnov, EVO, Exotic Vacuum Object, gravity impulse beam. Some Emerging Possibilities – ; Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity – Podkletnov Paper with Giovanni Modanese – scribd – Document in PDF. The recent announcement by Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov, that he has invented an anti-gravity machine, which was to be described.

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After which he moved back to Moscow where it is reported that he took an engineering job. Townsend Brown Some of his research during that time may have been classified so we may not have all the latest public research findings.

They talk about some of the movers and shakers in the Physics and electronics world. Here is a short intro video on the Floyd Sweet Device: Dennis Bushnell on Space Exploration October 20, Pockletnov from ” https: Retrieved April 28, According to the account Podkletnov gave to Wired reporter Charles Platt in a phone interview, during a experiment with a rotating superconducting disc:.

Ed McCullough on Lunar Colonization. Podkletnov counters podkletnvo the researchers in question have kept quiet “lest sugene be criticized by the mainstream scientific community “. In a telephone interview with Charles Platt, Podkletnov insisted that his gravity-shielding work was reproduced by researchers at universities in Toronto and Sheffieldbut none have come forward to acknowledge this.


Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction from changing magnetic fields, around the same time as Joseph Henry. Patents Awarded to Townsend Eygene June 5, at This idea also shows how gravity can be redirected. Play in new window Download. Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope.

Magnetism is nothing more than electrostatics combined with special relativity. The paper also proposes how to understand Gravity as a divergent electromagnetic Lorentz Force or Laplace force from orbital electrons in all matter. The video is a must watch: I believe if this information about how gravity works is taken seriously it will be shone to be as good or better than any idea podklletnov far. Archived from the original on March 14, John Brandenburg on Poynting Vector Antigravity.

Eugene Podkletnov – Wikipedia

Takaaki Musha did some experiments on the T. This paper is largely ignored by the Floyd Sweet fans that are trying to replicate his eugee. Nils Rognerud electromagnetic forces.

However, the replication achieved only rpm of the required 5, rpm and failed achieve a measurable result. What his firm has achieved is a There is some speculation that she is working on secret programs for the Department of Defense. Retrieved April 29, BBC did a great documentary on gravity and astrophysics research.


He says there should be no such difference in the physical phenomena; it is simply a matter of relative motion and podkletnv of reference. This is contrary to traditional Physics that believe there is only one type of electric field. The paper is available in the following file formats: He also says the motional electric field the dielectric field has unique properties and that it is not shieldable.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

Nobody seems to know where she is working nowadays. However, Hendrik Lorentz derived the modern form of the electromagnetic force equation Lorentz Forcewhich includes both the electric and magnetic forces Laplace force. Lectures on Physics, Vol. Brown passed away in Podkletnov himself complained that he had never claimed to block gravity, only to have reduced its effect.

Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity

Brown Effect by removing the ion-wind side-effect. Over the last few years, Podkletnov has continued his research, and published a joint paper with Dr. Albert Einstein — Special Theory of Relativity: Usually, such a beautiful generalization is found to stem from a single deep underlying principle.