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Love being much more than a mere sentiment between the sexes, it is plain that neither its ground-work, nature, or cryptic meaning, has hitherto in any land been thoroughly understood.

The dome everywhere is but the female idea; the minaret represents the male; and as said before, actually the colors of all jistory flags, red, white and blue, green and yellow, are representative of the same, or Garter Idea; the first two meaning the spiritual purity and sacrificial blood of woman; the blue already explained; the green representing the result of the union of male and female—production, fertility, growth; and the yellow typifying ripeness, or the first completion of the destiny ordained to both.

Is there any one so uninformed as to imagine for a moment that it signifies kf mere string worn about the leg to keep nice stockings from dragging about fair heels? On the morning alluded to, as I breathed upon it, a thick, heavy, black, portentous cloud obscured its face, followed by a silvery sheen, indicative of coming trouble, hatred, folly, error, succeeded by happiness and contentment; but I actually forgot all euois, nor recalled it till after the approaching drama was ended,—a drama strange and weird, fraught with pain unutterable, inexpressible, almost unendurable; yet whose results or fruitage was as ripe pomegranates are to the thirsty pilgrims, or the cool, bubbling waters to the parched lips of the Arab on the burning sands of Sahara.

Now for the other point: Light is needed; and this work originally intended to be called by a different title, but which intent was abandoned, owing to the vastly larger scope of the completed and rewritten volume is meant to afford exactly what is required; and. Now for the answer to the loud “Whys?

EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

But you say, “We women are not perfect yet. That the creative function is the highest force in us, as it is in and of the Deity, admits of no denial; for it ought to be, if it is not, a perfectly self-evident proposition, axiomatic in its nature, and therefore requiring no attempt toward its demonstration; for it is palpably clear that two principles are interwoven and reciprocally acting and reacting upon each other everywhere and in all things in the universe whereof we know. We have, it is true, galvanized its skeleton into a transitory life, but the Rosy Cross of history is dead.

I had kissed that child, and had become suffused with a portion of her own sweet aromal aura or atmosphere, and was, therefore, en rapport with the same bright beings as she was herself, and was played upon by the same celestial, pure and divine influences, whereof Love was the dominant or major clement. At all events its worship is of the character already set forth; and its best men have been the most earnest devotees; for somehow or other, there is not and never has been a really great man in it but who has been more or less chargeable with practices not accordant with the strictest rules of nun-ship or monk-hood—which is oftener—in results—monkey-hood instead.

I shuddered with mortal anguish; for I loved my friend, and that woman bore his name. In doing so it is likely that I may repeat some things elsewhere, by myself or others, said before; but even if so, I have struck upon many things now given to the race for the first time. True, nature requires a rich soil to produce high grades of fruit, whether human or other sorts; but in the former she requires the richest of fertilizers, and its name is love.


Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy – Wikisource, the free online library

In beasts the offspring and parents become disunited at maturity; in the human, the practical relationship lasts not only to the gates of the grave, but leaps the barriers of death, and flourishes in the far-off heaven; and will till the universe grows old, and Time himself topples with hoary age. Chris Edgerly marked it as to-read Dec 20, My reasons will be seen further on in this work; but before we come to that, I wish at this point once for all to say that I believe in free speech, and wide-spread agitation of all questions, social and sexual included; but while I champion the rightI by no means espouse the cause of those champions, for I must abide by the laves of my own individuality, and it is my firm belief that love-variety in any shape is injurious to soul and body, and that the highest point of human power can only be reached by those who are amatively true to each other; for purity alone is the price of power, the secret of soul-might, and it is the coin accepted at God’s exchange for such glories as he keeps especially for true and earnest souls.

But then you know that nations and individuals are exactly alike; moved by the same forces, governed by the same principles, prompted by the same motives; and remember too, that this nation is but a boy yet, not out of its teens; hence, its universal pudicity is not to be wondered at; nor that its principal, most sincere and best-paid-for worship is, and for some time to come yet will be, at the passional shrine, in or out of wedlock.

He did not know that the strange, new, exciting magnetism meant death to his home-love, desolation to his hearth-stone, isolation to his heart, and ruin to his happiness; yet it did and does, and eternally will, because it is scortatory, malign, fiery, and while it effectually displaces and kills home-love, it fails to satisfy; and its end is bitter ashes. No human being laughs then ; for the weight of worlds rests upon human shoulders.

But there are other proofs: Sean added it Nov 10, As I gazed on the scene upon the mystic mirror’s face, I saw the lady and her lover as before, and beheld his burning kisses fall thick and fast upon her rich, ripe, and alluring lips; saw her languish in voluptuous death in his strong arms, and watched her return his fiery salutation.

To apply rules to man applicable to animals alone, is an insult to the human race.

It is, and is not true. Lovr Mathew marked it as to-read Feb 06, It is the softer side of soul that generates moral or any other real grandeur, and makes great deeds possible to man; for it is that alone which has power to transmute man the savage into man the incarnate demi-god. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Harlots invariably descend unless snatched from ruin by a miracle.

Eulis, the History of Love

His talk—or hers—ought to be not “Just once;” but, “It’s all very fine, sir or madam—but it won’t pay, and—I’ll see you in— wellyou can guess where—first. And so I lay upon the lounge and quaffed the sweet, delicious milk, and I drought about the Woman and the Man; and, as I did so, I fell into a sort of magnetic trance and clairvoyance—a habit familiar, seeing that the power to do so was born with me; and by its means I have a thousand times been able to see wulis off, and to glimpse things denied to mortal vision.

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Lists with This Book. Free her, and they twain will likely wed. But, happily, girls of sixteen can’t love sixty, nohow you can fix it. Finally, the most masculine man adores at the female shrine, and his god is far more she than he; while the most feminine woman worships the most masculine man. We are gravely told that animals obey the impulse once a year, or season, as the case may be; that man ought to go ihstory do likewise; but we won’t; nor will these self-same ehlis sure of that!

Eulis! the History of Love

The child saved me! Being in the form of a bracelet to the arm, it might possibly divert the attention of the men from the reputed original; it might be dropped and resumed without confusion; and the only objection I can see to the use of such an ornament is the hazard of mistake from the double meaning of the term periscelis hiatory, which signifies not only a garterbut breecheswhich our English ladies never wear.

It was the trial chamber wherein men were tested as histofy their fitness for loftier things. Stirpiculture, or the rearing of better children, will never succeed upon agricultural, stock-farm, or barnyard principles.

Were all these his pupils? Two years afterwards, a child was buried in the West, and four weeks afterwards the father bore his daughter’s body to bury it and his happiness together in one grave on the hillside.

The origin of such marriages takes its rise in physics purely.

I don’t know, and therefore give at least a part of them before I leave for good and all; consequently, I shall now convey certain brief and concise forms of certain knowledges, which, if abided by, th prolong many a life, and add immeasurable happiness to mankind.

As a rustic, uninstructed historu the principles, might with open-mouthed wonder watch the burning of coal, and endeavor to associate it with the inflation of a balloon, so Hermes, expecting only the preconceived consequences of his teaching, was awed by the immense bubble he had formed. Then from his cradle in the Ghe looms up Christian Rosencrux. But souls can be tapped without reciprocity, for the young wife’s soul is drained from her, either directly as a sponge, by her old husband, or indirectly through the uterine and vaginal diseases sure to be her lot sooner or later; for the fluids of the twain will not, cannot blend, except in so far forth as to innoculate the poor young thing with malignant poison, by which I do not here mean syphilis, but I do mean that worse poison resultant from chemical incompatibility, mental and affectional disgust and repulsion, which leave ulcers and corrosions in their train, with death in the foreground.

Wherefore, it is incumbent on you to face the facts; call to your aid the rare hitory of common sense ; struggle manfully against this dreadful, appalling, yet perfectly natural catastrophe; accept the situation; hush the throbbings of your tortured heart; ask God for strength to bear the heavy burden, and be wise.

They are an unhealthy set, the fungi of a ihstory civilization, regnant for a time, but certain histlry disappear with the advent of common sense among the people as a general thing. They were families, some member of whom believed an abstract philosophical truth, and all the rest believed the man.