Preparation for the Gospel (Greek: Εὐαγγελικὴ προπαρασκευή), commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the. : Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel) eBook: Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store. Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica is a masterful work that defies easy categorization. Written between and , soon after Eusebius had become bishop of.

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Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica – Oxford Scholarship

The ancients worshipped no other gods than the celestial luminaries, knowing nothing of the God of the universe, nor even of the erection of carved images, nor of daemons. And how could Dionysus be both the sun and the power that sprouts forth in the moist fruits and nuts? For I believe that I shall thus confirm my promise beyond controversy by the confession of our praepartio. How the serious branches of learning passed from Barbarians to Greeks: And when they have finished the meal he again offers a prayer, and thus they honour God both at the beginning and at the end.

Praeparatio evangelica – Wikipedia

The CHS is dedicated to the reassertion of the humanism of the ancient world, centering on Hellenic civilization in its widest sense.

Now in the Canons of Chronology composed by us these events were proved to demonstration to be as I have said. For it is a test of true history, whether all spake and wrote the same accounts of the same events; but these men imagined that if they wrote different accounts from others, they should thus appear to: Christ had restored praepwratio ancient Hebrew politeia and his teachings had quickly run through all the nations.

Of the generation of the sun and moon he says, that they moved in their separate courses, when as yet they had no natural heat at all, nor evangdlica any brightness, but on the contrary were assimilated to the nature of the earth; for each of them had been produced earlier when the world was as yet in some peculiar rudimentary condition, and afterwards, when evangelic orbit round the sun became egangelica, the fire was included in it.

That their offspring were called Genos and Genea, and inhabited Phoenicia: BUT Porphyry, in the first book of his Philosophy from Oracles, introduces his own god as himself bearing witness to the wisdom of the Hebrew race as well as of the other nations renowned for intelligence.

Though not named as such by Eusebius, Origen referred to his defense against the anti-Christian assault of Celsus as an apologia. And changeless still the law which God decreed. Afterwards there sprang from their race rusebius youths, one of whom was called Technites Artificerand the other Geinos Autochthon Earth-born Aboriginal.

So after their long and manifold philosophical speculation, and after their solemn systems of meteorology and physiology, they fell down from their high place, as it were from the loftiest mountain-top, and were dragged down with the common herd, and swept away with the polytheistic delusion of the ancients, pretending that they glorified the like deities with the multitude by offering sacrifice and falling down before images, and increasing, and still further strengthening, the vulgar opinion of the legendary stories concerning the gods.


Empire to Commonwealth Princeton: SUCH then were the notions received among the Egyptians, which are recorded as more ancient than all the doctrines of the Greeks. Are we Greeks or Barbarians?

Praeparatio evangelica

Henceforth then we ought not to be charged with unreasonableness, if in our desire for the true religion we have ourselves resorted to the teachers of the wise Greeks and even of their philosophers, I mean the Barbarians, if at least the Hebrews, are Barbarians.

Now these are descendants of the philosophers of India; and philosophers, it is said, are called among the Indians Calani, but among the Syrians they are called Judaeans, having taken their name from the place. And the Phoenicians say that Astarte is Aphrodite. Views Read Edit View history. His apologia in answer to hostile antagonists served simultaneously as an introduction to identity.

And while they assert that they have had experience of these things, they have thoroughly persuaded themselves that they are doing rightly in their own devotion to the gods, and that we are guilty of the greatest impiety in not honouring the powers that are so manifest and so beneficent with the services that are due to them. So great also is their mutual opposition; for in no point have they agreed one with another, but have filled the whole subject with strife and discord.

For some of them computed the times from certain well acknowledged histories, and others confirmed their testimony by quotations of an earlier date. Greek, Syriac, and Latin Christopher P. For they even at a later period were scarcely instructed in the use of letters.

This, then, is the story of Kronos, and such are the glories of the mode of life, so vaunted among the Greeks, of men in the days of Kronos, whom they also affirm to have been the first and ‘golden race of articulate speaking men,’ 22 that blessed happiness of the olden time! And Sanchuniathon, who made a complete collection of ancient history from the records in the various cities and from the registers in the temples, and wrote in the Phoenician language with a love of truth, lived in the reign of Semiramis, the queen of the Assyrians, who is recorded to have lived before the Trojan war or in those very times.

After we have given so many proofs in confutation of their inconsistent theology, both the more mythical so-called, and that which is forsooth of a higher and more physical kind which the ancient Greeks and Egyptians were shown to magnify, it is time to survey also the refinements of the younger generations who make a profession of philosophy in our own time: Let this then also be set down:.

For Isaac, from whom Moses descended, was already married when Abraham at the age of a hundred and forty married Keturah, and begat by her a second son Isaar. Hear at least how Apollo himself teaches men a hymn, which he put forth concerning himself, acknowledging that he was born of Leto in the island of Delos, and Asclepius again in Tricca, as also Hermes acknowledging that he was the child of Maia: So then the same witnesses agree both with the poets’ legends and with the philosophers’ guesses, allying themselves with both sides in the battle.

For even concerning the nature of all things, or other such questions, he did not discourse, as most did, speculating what is the nature of the cosmos, as the sophists call it, and by what necessary forces the heavenly bodies are each produced, but he even used to represent those who troubled their minds about such matters as talking folly.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now Plato lived about the end of the Persian monarchy, a little earlier than Alexander of Macedon, and not much more than four hundred years before the Emperor Augustus. And Moses and Homer shall be set as our limits: But the things beyond in the invisible world being rational and immortal, and co-eternal with the blessed life of God the King of all, must be far better than all the things that are seen. Born somewhere about this recent period the Seven Sages are remembered for a reform of moral conduct, but nothing more is recorded of them than their celebrated maxims.

Even though Eusebius never missed an opportunity to attack the interpretations of Jews and heretics, his aim was the instruction of those who had commenced their schooling in the faith. Yet even before he mentions the accusations of the Greeks, he avers that he is providing an elementary introduction for new converts to Christianity.

I have wished to make these quotations from the book before mentioned, because in the prophecy of Daniel it is said that Nebuchadnezzar, walking in the palace of his kingdom in Babylon, in proud thought spoke out arrogantly and said: And thence they came to Elim, and found there twelve springs of water, and threescore and ten palm-trees.

And what can the multitude of women who went with him on his expedition mean? Nor did their useless oracles contribute aught to the discovery of good counsels: Save me, gracious Lord! You may judge that not without sound reason have we given a secondary place to the doctrines of the Greek philosophy, and preferred the theology of the Hebrews, when you learn that even among the Greeks themselves those who have most of all treated philosophy correctly, and thought out something more and better than the vulgar talk about the gods, have discovered no other true doctrines than those which had received a previous sanction among the Hebrews.

In comparison with contemporary apologies by Athanasius and Marcellus of Ancyra, [ 12 ] the massive bulk of the appeared as the apology to end all apologies, and could arguably be seen as the culmination of a rich tradition of Christian apologetics. Why then ought we to deify these things which have been made by the God of the universe for sustenance of the bodies of the animals upon the earth?

He sits with a vessel of clay beside him, on which he is moulding the figure of a man. I shall show then almost immediately how, from various sources, one and another of these wonderful Greeks, by going about among the Barbarians, collected the other branches of learning, geometry, arithmetic, music, astronomy, medicine, and the very first elements of grammar, and numberless other artistic and profitable studies.

As already noted, most readers of this text have considered it to be aimed at the Greeks.

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