There is a place where mythology is reality. Where wild imaginations are ordinary . In a parallel universe called Everworld, a group of friends discover the. Jalil, April, David, and Christopher continue their dual existence in the magical Everworld. April narrates her amazing experiences while the evil Norse god Lok. In Applegate’s Enter the Enchanted you are drawn into a world of fantasy and myth. In this latest Everworld book a new character is introduced to the audience, .

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Someone would fall, someone would die and drop a sword for me.

Want to Read saving…. To view it, click here. Did she know what I was thinking? If you have any desire to yell, “Yee-hah! You should have worn your tinfoil hat. We’ll somehow not see the shadows cast by earlier failings, failings that gnaw at his insides during every quiet moment. Alla fine, Senna riscompare un’ altra volta e l’avventura continua.

Something he could do himself, someday. So he says, and I believe him. She puts on her clothes and goes to find the others only to discover that Galahad is holding on to Senna for Merlin.

Enter the Enchanged is where the series really hits its stride.

Nov 13, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Jalil is starting to accept the weirdness, at least as much as he can — he still tries to apply his logic to Everworld, and is learning to stretch it just enough. When the battles are fought and won enetr lost, when the pirates find their treasures and dragons eat their foes for breakfast with a nice cup of Lapsang souchong, someone needs to tell their bits of overlapping narrative. I enchantrd what I must be.


Dead men had replaced the dead animals. Lost in the wilds of Everworld, April and the gang finally manage to catch up to Senna.

Enter the Enchanted

We have places to go, people to see. Certainly not fantastic young adult, but enchantrd humorous with references to pop culture such as the Lucky Charms commercial and fantastic puns. Now they are lost wandering around Everworld with Senna lost again.

Looking forward to book 4! And where David’s crutch is heroism, Christopher’s humour, Jalil’s logic, April’s is acting and maybe also her Christian faith; it’s nice to see a character who’s a believer but not in a way that feels like it’s being shoved down your throat.

How many other mad gods would invade our world if Senna lived? I didn’t really not like anything about this book except for the way it switches narrators ener person to person.

Detailed Review Summary of Enter the Enchanted – Everworld 3 by K.A. Applegate

I’m still enjoying it and the characters are starting to take entrr, so is the plot. He was brave when the odds were against him. We’re introduced albeit, very briefly to Sir Galahad, the perfect knight.

Enter the Enchantedby Katherine Alice Applegate was an okay book for teenagers and I would say that if you were to read it, it might interest you. Enter the Enchanted Everworld 3 by Katherine Applegate. Okay so this one I liked. He wants us all to see him as some kind of direct, straightforward man-of-action type. Something that makes you think about the world a little bit differently?


Enter the Enchanted (Everworld, #3) by Katherine Applegate

I really like the idea of the Arthur myths. If he just keeps talking tough and gritting his teeth and racing toward each new danger, we’ll all forget the failings we’ve seen; we’ll buy the image.

The setting switches because when the crew is asleep in Everworld they are conscious in the real world. What does it mean to potentially let in the bad along with the good?

In this book, Merlin,a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to stick your head and shoulders into your bathroom in another universe by inserting your body into your half-sister’s stomach. Enchantted the Enchanted is narrated by April, the only girl besides Edit: I still say this series would make a fantastic movie or mini-series!

This is the third book in the Everworld series. My mother, the Lady Elaine. The character development and “stranger in a strange land” vibe continues. Notify me of new comments via email.