For Evochron Mercenary on the PC, FAQ/Strategy Guide by guile_ To optimise the size of the guide I have amalgamated and edited some of the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also. I do not claim ownership of most of info in this guide – it has been gleaned from the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also.

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Sierra Sierra is another hostile system, although it is outside the Evochron system and Federation controlled territory. Cleaning Solar Arrays Another way to safely earn credits early in the game is to clean solar arrays. Top Rated All Time. The clue points to the icy rings of the planet Glacia. Practicalities of Colonisation including large scale mining – Most of us living in the Mercensry today take for granted a guidd life and well established underground cities.

Upgrade your cargo bays to 5. If you are a good shot, you can also attempt to shoot down the missile once it get within gun range, but this leaves you very little time to avoid the missile if you miss.

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The effects of managing a ship in space can be quite challenging, so the ships in Evochron have computer flight assistance to accommodate this zero atmosphere environment and provide a manageable control system for the pilot.

Rumors continue to spread about this system being one of the last reported locations of Renegade activity.

Each crew member must be paid and their loyalty is directly linked to how well you dvochron them. Just as early space shuttles would lift the nose to expose a larger surface area on descent, you can also use a nose up approach to slow your ship down much faster. It should be safe so you don’t have to be back exactly when your ship arrives. Staying alive is much more important then worrying about your next fuel stop.

Onyx As its name implies, Onyx is a dark system with a blank backdrop and cold rocky planets. Clear a safe path before entering an atmosphere, then stay near space until you know the area is safe for descent and docking. It may be overkill, but I like it. A class 5 cargo scanner is capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about The goal is to increase the time before impact so you can launch more countermeasures.


It does not have any current jump gates to or from its location, so it generally sees very few visitors from Evochron. The ‘fair’ wage value they expect to be paid is based on several criteria including their skill, loyalty, and your wealth.

A bio-research economy can be a good place to buy meds at low prices, then sell in other economies for profit. An X value of 90, would be near the far right of a sector on the map.

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Defensive Evocyron Defense includes evading enemy fire and also working to prevent an enemy spacecraft from evochrn an optimal attack situation.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. Indicates points of interest, even when evochrron charted. Since most of the sector has asteroids in it and the station is placed in the middle of the cluster of asteroids, you will automatically be credited with reaching the waypoint. Save and reload at the station if the prices are horrible, but they usually are fine. I use the Excalibur regenerative missiles as I am too lazy to buy missiles every time, though if there was a difficult battle Exodus and maybe Leech missiles would be the way to go or if you had a ton of money and were fighting a capital ship a Fulcrum torpedo.

Reverse Thrusters Can Use the Afterburner A useful tactic to know is your reverse thrusters on afterburner provide nearly the same level of power as your main forward afterburner.

Offensive Tactics Offensive tactics can often include elements of defensive strategies combined with attack strategies to achieve success. You may want to mark the location of the first beacon on your nav map to save it for later reference in case you want to complete the quest later. This is one of their most effective defenses, it can result in you wasting a lot of gunfire energy and fuel.

Surprise Your Attacker Turn the hunter into the hunted. You’re out for big money, and that means finding a system with a decent economy.

The hostile ship s will usually slow down when they observe your forward velocity decrease. Your efforts are muchly appreciated! Also, a cannon relay upgrade can help with such escapes as it provides much needed energy to help keep the jump drive ready.


This guide will provide a few tips for getting some cash flowing your way so you can stop worrying about your bank account and start exploring everything the game has to offer.

Armor is a somewhat valuable commodity constructed from metal ore. However, careful calculations need to be done to obtain the correct location.

It has the heaviest armor of any military spacecraft and provides agility that exceeds even the lighter civilian Centurion and Leviathan frames. The cannon relay system doubles the energy capacity of your primary weapon system and adds two additional gun barrels to an installed particle cannon.

It’s main drawback is limited agility and speed, but it is ideal for mercenaries who require high end offensive and defensive capabilities. Turn off the IDS once your velocity exceeds cruise speed to maximize your acceleration. Below is a chart showing how much a crew member’s loyalty can increase or decrease based on how much you pay them relative to the fair wage they expect and also whether you complete or fail contracts. Disable this feature for this session. Dealing with NPCs the right way can not only gain you useful information on uncharted places, but also net you millions in valuable contraband!

Also, some planets in the same solar system might pay more overall. If you spend a lot in fuel to travel from one location to another for a trade, you can sometime lose much of the profit you think you are making.

The Avenger is the primary strike and intercept spacecraft of the Alliance Navy.

A class 4 cargo scanner is capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about If you prefer a mix of peaceful and combat objectives, focus on Fair and Moderate systems.

The planet Sirius B is generally considered a very good trade location for selling. There are several ways around this, egochron on how much of a spoiler you want to use.