Images and Prices for Apartments for rent in Beirut, Lebanon, Browse Images and Communicate with Owner Directly on Waseet. al-Waseet الوسيط . likes · talking about this. أشمل موقع عربي للإعلانات المبوبة وخدمات الدليل مع الوسيط حلك بسيط ‎. الان يمكنك تصفح جريدة الوسيط pdf في بلدك عبر الروابط التالية الامارت http://ae. البحرين عبر السعودية عبر.

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Number of visitors brought to the website via paid search results. In the Arab region, AlWaseet classifieds boasts over 4.

Al Waseet Sal, Ground Floor, Freeway Cen

It intends to add new products to ranges already offered. It is for this reason that the company intends to pursuecorporate expansion by identifying new potential markets,opening new branches wherever internal criteria fordevelopment are met.

For more information about YAHTco group, please visit www. Backed by an efficient market research departmentand advanced computer software, the company is able todetail business processes from marketing protocols todistribution methodologies.

Respondent has never put the Domain Name in any search engine under any misleading name, neither placing commodities nor products names which do not describe adequately the content.

Complainant has expended considerable sums in advertising and marketing since its inception.

The undersigned certifies that he or she has acted independently and impartially and to the best of his or her knowledge has no known conflict in serving as Panelist in this proceeding. Nor was Respondent obligated to conduct a trademark search prior to its first use of the Domain Name.

Keywords a website is buying in Google AdWords for ads that appear in paid search results. Finally, an inference of bad weaseet is supported by the Respondent’s “failure for a substantial period of time to make good faith use of the domain name for its business.

The essence of the complaint is an allegation of bad faith, bad faith targeted at the complainant. The website offers online brandingsolutions, which includes above the line advertising,classifieds and targeted advertising.


Click Here to return to our Home Page. So, how can confusion or customers’ interception take place with commercial gain?

Respondent may not show that, before any notice of the dispute, it used the Domain Name in wwaseet with a bona fide offering of goods or services. Al Waseet market share in Kuwait. LB, Lebanon registration number 84, on July 12. Click Here to return to the main Domain Decisions Page.

Al Waseet pushes into region

The Domain Name was indeed registered in These tenders are advertised in local newspapers by various government agencies; Respondent buys all newspapers and picks up the needed information on daily basis to ewqseet our customers. AWI is currently operating from Dubai Media City in the United Arab Eqaseetand serves as the international headquarters for all the present and future communication activities that fall under the Waseet banner. Adwords Traffic 0 Number of visitors brought to the website via paid search results.

Estimated budget spent for buying keywords in Google AdWords for ads that appear in paid search results monthly estimation. HarnageFA Nat.

In conclusion, the Panel finds that Respondent has made and is making a legitimate, bona fide use of the Domain Name. Al Hamdan uses also like many others hotmail address sometimes. Respondent cannot demonstrate legitimate rights because Respondent is not making a legitimate, non-commercial use of the Domain Name. EDU domains and Registrars. With its 26 operations and staff ewaseft 5, Al Waseet ispresent nine countries across the region.

Respondent should be considered as having registered and used the Domain Name in bad faith.

Al Waseet Sal

lebano Company figures show that 4. We are just displaying e-waseet. As demonstrated before, Respondent is not, repeat is not, in the business of advertisement of classified ads.

Title Welcome To E-waseet. Al Waseetwebsite, Ipsos stat AWI is in the process of restructuring call centers toimprove the quality of services and customer satisfaction.


Without certification, a Panel may choose not to consider any factual statements, even in the case of pro se parties. Fawaz added that the very nature of Al Waseet, a massproduct that can be easily positioned in any market,provides an open door to a world of unlimited opportunities.

Complainant recently conducted an investigation in order to analyze the nature elbanon the activities of the Respondent with respect to the Domain Name. Respondent does not see any lebamon between the names or legal objects of the two entities and combination of both names for one similar word could not be interpreted as infringement or to allege that the name was not used for bona fide corporation for bona fide purpose. How much need to spend if get same number of visitors from Google Adwords.

Respondent is not commonly known by the Domain Name. PANEL The ewseet certifies that he or she has acted independently and impartially and to the ewsaeet of his or her knowledge has no known conflict in serving as Panelist in this proceeding. In addition, it incorporates in its website the Saudi Government advertised tenders, and forwards it to the subscribed clients.

The Domain Name is not identical or confusingly similar to the complainant registered trademarks. As part of the registration process, you are required to provide us with certain information and to update this information to keep it current, complete and accurate.

Christian WFA Nat. In addition to regular ads, Al Waseet alsoprovides mailing services based on geographic location,demographics, nationality, profession and income, withneeds, wants lebxnon purchasing habits varying from one marketto the other.