Exercitia spiritualia by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Aloysio R.P Bellecio; editions ; First published in ; Subjects: Spiritual exercises, Meditations, Spiritual. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, Saint (). Exercitia Spiritualia. Rome: Antonio Blado, 11 September 8° ( x mm). A-O8 P4 (lacking terminal blank. Subject. Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, (2). Exercitia spiritualia (2). Devotional literature. (2). Jesuits (1). Religious aspects (1). more Subscribe to results.

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Man meets God in the centre of the cross, man is the manifestation of the conflict and God represents their union.

For from this thou art. Publish date unknownApud Zannettum. Ignace de Loyola in French – 10th ed. We find similar statements in the writings of St. This prayer is meditated on line by line, as I described to you in full detail in my earlier lectures.

Exercitia Spiritualia S. P. Ignatii de Loyola : Saint Ignatius of Loyola :

The Pope approved his Spiritual Exercises inthe year of this first edition. We also find indications in India of western influences, but it is impossible to date exeritia accurately. From the spigitualia enemy defend me: We do, rxercitia, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

Exceedingly rare first edition: The importance and influence of St. An evil spirit usually brings confusion and doubt, but may also prompt contentment to discourage change. For when thou seest, that did I shew thee: Sale Valuable Books and Manuscripts. We all know how difficult it is to control our emotions; we cannot in fact win complete control without injuring ourselves.

Although he originally designed them to take place in the setting of a secluded retreatduring which those undergoing the exercises would be focused on nothing other than the ExercisesIgnatius also provided a model in his introductory notes for completing the Spiritualai over a longer period without the need of seclusion.


Exercitia spiritualia S. Ignatii de Loyola : versio litteralis ex autographo hispanico

Ignatius Loyola in English – 2nd ed. Robert Tyrwhitt rtyrwhitt christies. It is this characteristic in particular which made the book such a powerful influence when it became with the Constitutioneson which Ignatius was still at work when he died the handbook of the Society of Jesus, which is devoted to educational, missionary and other active works. But it is also not new, for we have a parallel in a very interesting antique text from the fragments of the Acts of John: This last is often seen as the goal of Ignatian spirituality, to find God in all things.

Body of Christ, save me. It is the idea of a being which entirely contains the conscious man, and which raises him thereby to a totality, which he could never attain by himself.

Exercices spirituels de Saint Ignace. As such, discernment can be considered a movement toward mystical union with God, and it emphasizes the mystical experience of the believer.

Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, Exercitia spiritualia. : Toronto Public Library

You find the symbol of the mountain here again, the mountain which we found in Richard of St. Antonio Blado, 11 September There’s no description for this book yet. It is through this, that the elevation of the human being, which is the purpose of such meditations, takes place. This whole question is still open, for we have not yet won the necessary evidence to be able to judge with certainty. September 2, History.

It is, however, a one-sided conversation, the mediator speaks all the time, there is no mention of God saying anything. Spiritual Exercises Ad majorem Dei gloriam Magis.

And thus speak I, separating off the manhood. It is the exact opposite; for in the West, Christ is the active agent who takes man and makes him part of himself, it is not the meditator who makes Christ his own.


In contrast to the western biological spirituslia of view, that every living creature has its purpose in itself, Ignatius declares that man has been created for a specific purpose: The great battle between the two principles, personified by Christ and Lucifer, is then meditated on. The original, complete form of the Exercises is a retreat of about 30 days in silence and solitude.

Con una breve istruzione di meditare, cavata da’ medesimi Esercizj. And exrecitia shalt thou be a companion of the Deity, and a co-heir with Christ, no longer enslaved by lusts or passions, and wasted by dis ease. Then comes the meditation on Hell which is meditated upon in all imaginable detail, and must be experienced with all the senses: For so long as thou callest not thyself Mine, I am not that which I am.

Exercitia spiritualia S. Ignatii de Loyola

Loyola composed the Constitutions of the Society in his last year. This is followed by a most thorough investigation into the sins of the mediator, and a repetition of the colloquy and of the exercises.

And having spirihualia spoken, He shewed me a cross of light set up, and about spiritualla cross a great multitude: Leopold Hochschule der Gottesliebe in German – 2. According to the theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar”choice” is the center of the Exercisesand they are directed to choosing God’s choice, i. Ignatii de Loyola in Latin – Editio altera. I was reckoned to be what I am not, not being what I was unto many others: