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Facom’s 40R series – the open end design allows fast rotation Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Aerospace” P. It doesn’t matter how much money fxcom make, its how much you keep! The Facom wrenches are often half the cost of the equivalent spec Ingersoll-Rand tool.

For many customers, especially ff08 who are buying a tool for a 1-time or limited use, that may be fine. Electronics Micro-tech electronics pliers Micro-Tech screwdrivers Anti-static serieselectronics pliers Micro-Tech screwdrivercase sets Series 0 tips — 4 mm drive I still have stock of 40R wrenches in a few sizes see online store.

If you own a Mercedes, check your car to see if it has these bolts. The current JET series boxes and module tool sets have come a long way since JE18 18Combination wrenches 6 to 24 mm 1Long-nose lock-grip pliers 6Combination wrenches Once the cover is deformed, the tight fitting hex socket will no longer fit the bolt. Here’s a partial list of the better known French companies.

Fast and cheap delivery Tool collectors are looking for “French” Facom only and others may have a lost or damaged item in their tool box that needs replacing. Multigrip pliersHacksawThe first hacksaw with a tension control system! Identical or similar products are now listed side by side 0f8 below so customers can make their decision on pricing, photos and specifications.


The tool is used in autobody, marine and faco repair applications involve metal. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Screwdrivers, keys and bits” P. InFacom consolidated and improved their classic series lock-grip pliers, now called the A series.

It is common for the factory grease in the ratchet head to harden with lack of use or environmental exposures causing the teeth in the ratchet and pawl to slip or seize. The latches and case dimensions appear unchanged.

Facom Tool News

The ECR adapter with the R. Here are the current ratchet offerings from Facom along with the ones that have been recently discontinued.

There are a total of 72 teeth for precision access, ie, 5 degree increments. Easy, handy thumbwheel adjustment. The modular cases and module tray dimensions work well with the ergonomics of the Ff08 toolbox drawer interiors. Facom essentially slimmed down their old 40 series, making it more comfortable in the hand and offering improved accessibility at both ends.

However, if you use your tools in your job, Facom air tools, especially with the new lower pricing inshould be another consideration. The ratchet mechanism is now sealed to dust from the work environment offering longer durability regardless of working conditions.

Tip-type pullers, cage grip The series was a 1-way wrench. The graphics were all changed by the new owner who raced it for one season. One thing I’ve noticed with the Classic screwdrivers is a tendency of small gaps facok form between the top cap of the tool and the main body.

The most popular in this lineup continues to be the U. The sets are thoroughly inspected, checked for “issues”, and repackaged. If a customer of mine is going to pay good money for an item, they should receive the item in the condition it left the factory With Facom tools, I work with 3 sets of retail pricing Here are 4 current Facom products with the current published retail pricing at today’s exchange rates Equal comfort for large hands and small.


The 8″ version is mm long and will open to 41mm 1. This is fackm first major change to the series ratchets in 20 years. The United States allocation was sets.

With the change in ratchets, Facom has also introduced a new line of modular tool cases BP. Facom tools and module trays in nicely partitioned Lista drawers. Facom now has well over plastic tray module sets and plenty of bi-color foam tray sets which didn’t exist when I put together this display. The pin and plunger release see photos below must be aligned for the system to work.

Facom Tool chests JLS2-MHDR

So was the although I did receive several calls back in the day from customers who claimed their wrench only worked in reverse turns out they had installed the detachable ratchet head upside down on their torque wrench. In commemoration, Facom released this limited edition pc master tool set, housed in an attractive 6 drawer portable workstation with Ferrari logos.

The 17mm size show here is a full 1. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Automotive” P.