This edition of the combined “Fama Fraternitatis and the Confessio Rosae Crucis “, published in Germany in the year , is an unique and truly exceptional. Fama fraternitatis Roseae Crucis oder Die Bruderschaft des Ordens der. Rosae Crucis, is an anonymous Rosicrucian manifesto published in in. Kassel. FAMA FRATERNITATIS R.C Or rumors of Kooij, Fama Fraternitatis. Haarlem: Rosae Crucis (FRC) the Rosicrucian Fraternity in about the early ‘s.

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Rosenkreuz started his pilgrimage at the age of sixteen. The light was received from an artificial sun in the roof, and was almost blinding to the eye. Then he stopped briefly in Egypt. After three years he returned again with good consent, shipped himself over Sinus Arabicus into Egypt, where he remained not long, but only took better notice there of the plants and creatures.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And we say with our loving father R. The Fama which created a profound effect was soon published in separate form. Who-so loveth frwternitatis, let him be reformed.

And that which is dis-agreeing with them is error, falsehood, and of the Devil, who rsae is the first, middle, and last cause of strife, blindness, and darkness in the world. In this house he spent a great time in the mathematicks, and made many fine instruments, ex omnibus hajus artis partibuswhereof there is but little remaining to us, as hereafter you shall understand.

Rosicrucian Digest

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. But this we will confess publicly by these presents to the honour of God, that what secrets soever we have learned out of the book M. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Senior hath the same, and some especial thing laid in earth, and perhaps likewise hidden. Therefore we gave God thanks and let it rest that same night, because we would first overlook our Rotam. Waiting for the sunrise of the next morning, they resumed their researches. They had concluded, that as much as possibly could be, their burial place should be kept secret, as at this day it is not known unto us what is become of some of them, yet everyone’s place was supplied with a fit successor.


Such a one likewise hath Theophrastus been in vocation and callings, although he was none of our Fraternity, yet nevertheless hath he diligently read over the book M: Of the upper part you shall understand no more of it at this time, but that it was divided according to the seven sides in the triangle, which was in the bright center; but what therein is contained, you shall God willing that are desirous of our society behold the same with your own eyes; but every side or wall is parted into fratternitatis figures, every crjcis with their several figures and sentences, as they are truly shown and set forth Concentratum here in our book.

If, as another conjecture maintains, he borrowed the name and identity of William Shakespeare, he could also have assumedafter the latter’s mock funeral, the personality of Johan Valentin Andreae. Likewise we do not certainly know if these of the second row have been of the like wisdom as the first, and if they were fzma to all things.

Still others contend that fraternitats wrote this account of the rise and progress of Rosicrucianism for the crhcis of advancing his own peculiar views of morals and religion. After two years brother C. Every year the Arabians and Africans do send one to another, inquiring one of another out of their arts, if happily they had found out some better things, or if experience had weakened their reasons.

In another chest were looking-glasses of divers virtues, fraternitattis also in another place were little bells, burning lamps, and chiefly wonderful artificial songs, generally all done to that end, that if it should happen after many hundred years the Order or Fraternity should come to nothing, they might by this only vault be restored again. This led him fraternitatiw ArabiaEgypt and Moroccowhere he came into contact with sages of the East who revealed to him the “universal harmonic science”.

According to this Theorythose who have sough to record the events of the importance in connection with the Rosicrucian controversy have invariable failed because they approched their subject from a purely physical or materialistic angle.

Fama Fraternitatis – Wikipedia

In such renewing he lighted upon the memorial table which was cast of brass, and containeth all the names of the brethren, with some few other things. At the end of this book standeth this following Elogium: We also steadfastly believe, that if our brethren and fathers had lived in this our present and clear light, they would more roughly have handled the Pope, Mahomet, scribes, artists, and sophisters, and had showed themselves more helpful, not simply with sighs, and wishing of their end and consummation.


But in respect that that labour was too heavy, and the unspeakable concourse of the sick hindered them, and also whilst his new building called Sancti spiritus was now finished, they concluded to draw and receive yet others more into their Fraternity; to this end was chosen brother R.

Later four members were accepted. And we pray all learned men to take heed of these kind of books; for the enemy never resteth but soweth his weeds, till a stronger one doth root it out.

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Fama Fraternitatis and the Confessio Rosae Crucis of the Rose Cross Order

An Italian edition was published as an appendix of the 77th Advertisement partunder the title Generale Riforma dell’ Fraternitagis Universal Reformation of Mankindfrom a German translation of Bocallini’s Ragguagli di Parnasso Advertisements from Parnassus. To their amazementin the middle of the floor there stood, instead of at tomb, at circular altaron which was an inscriptionsaying that the apartment had been erected by C.

This he would transfer in another more fitting vault; for where or when Fra R. The Fama tells the story of the “Father C. However, Dantinne states that Rosenkreuz may have found his secrets amongst the Brethren of Puritya society of philosophers that had formed in Basra Iraq in fa,a 10th century. Retrieved from ” https: When we speak of Rosicrucianism as a society of men functioning under the laws and regulations of a physical societyorganized under the name Rose Cross, we must then limit ourselves to the opening years of the 17th century, but when we speak of it as a mystical traditionwe can trace it back to Egypt and Atlantis.

But that we do not forget our loving father, brother C.