Editorial Reviews. Review. The idea behind Kurzweil and Grossman’s Fantastic Voyage is that if you can make it through the next 50 years, you. From the author of How to Create a Mind comes startling discoveries in the areas of genomics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology occur. Fantastic Voyage has ratings and 55 reviews. Kathrynn said: This book was published in and I would love to see it updated! Two authors collabora.

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This book definitely has the intriguing allure of the author’s belief that we are advancing towards the possibility of living for forever. Read it Forward Read it first. How has the writings of Kurzweil affected my life? I hope that the information contained in this book will happen.

I like to read about centenarians and we subscribe to the Life Extension magazine, and so this book about living longer was one that I had to read. Many of the supplements and combinations of diet with vitamins are beyond the desire for me voyzge make part of a regiment.

At the time of its writing, Fantastic Voyage was groundbreaking. Given the almost absurd premise, the authors put this book together in a great way. Nov 20, Patty Apostolides rated it it was fntastic.

The importance of taking supplements! Review “This visionary book provides a state-of-the-art synthesis of the latest evidence on aging. A lot of the same info though.

They were written about ten years apart, so I would recommend that anyone who is interested in learning how they can lose weight, improve their immune systems, and alter their biochemical makeup to their advantage pick up this book without delay.

Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman | : Books

Nine Steps to Living Well Forever” seems to be meant as an updated and rearranged version of this book. Share your fanyastic with other customers. Thank you for your feedback. All these have some benefits, as research has suggested.


But whe This book is a collaboration between the number one futurist of our time and one of the top doctors in preventitive medicine. Other editions – View all Fantastic Voyage: A genomic test might be worth the investment! We shall not think of that and instead just think about how glorious life will be when death is no longer. I take a saw palmetto complex for prostate health.

Showing of reviews. Enough time and technological advancement will result in our ability to prevent diseases and aging to such an extent that we will achieve practical immortality.

For me, the mix of the three aspects ins I find the parts about how to improve your health through nutrition, excercise etc. Ultimately I have learned some things, and it’s prompted me to do further research in some areas. Having made these changes I feel the best I have felt since high school.

Will people become more careful at that time? The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. It’s all information that’s out there already, but it’s really nice to have someone put it all together in one place for me and explain it in plain english. The rest is brilliant, “must know” knowledge for anyone who wants to live a long life.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. The rewards of this research, some of it as spectacular as science fiction, are practically in our grasp. Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman start the reader on a fantastic journey to undreamed-of vitality with a comprehensive investigation into the cutting-edge science on diet, metabolism, genetics, toxins and detoxification, the hormones involved with aging and youth, exercise, stress reduction, and more.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It has an extreme premise: Bridge One goes into great detail on ways to take maximum advantage of the most advanced diagnostic testing and preventative methods so a person can get to Bridges Two and Three. RodaleOct 27, – Science – pages. The importance of taking our ACES: This is some highly practical suggestions about ways in which we could hopefully live to a ripe old age.


Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever | Kurzweil

It think I would have preferred a separation fwntastic the book in three parts – one for each aspect. There was nothing really earth-shattering in the book.

I have indeed looked at a few parts later in the book that interested me, one of which is the small matter of alcohol. You don’t know na’. Excellent recommendations, summaries to make it simple for me, as well as loads of technical info to satisfy my scientific mind. However although the writers are scientists, nevertheless much of it must be to some extent conjecture, firstly because it was written in now is mid and secondly, therefore, although they say that by much of what they write must have arrived – I don’t see that it’s here quite yet!

See and discover other items: A valuable tool if you need peace of mind. Paperbackpages. Bill Andrews Eric R.

Fantastic Voyage

Getting past the next 20 to 30 years is the challenge. Gary Clark, Jr No preview available – Return to Book Page.

One warning – if you play with L-Arginine, read the research and don’t use it unless you know what you’re doing voage read enough to know where it can actually help you and where it’s being sold as a panacea. But that was not kept secret and updates have been added.

It is helpful to know that the authors’ newer book “Transcend: