Fat Is a Feminist Issue [Susie Orbach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In one volume together with its bestselling sequel When it was first. Published 40 years ago, psychotherapist Susie Orbach’s Fat Is a Feminist Issue remains a cult classic for its penetrating insights into the cultural obsession. Susie Orbach (born 6 November ) is a British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic. Her first book, Fat is a Feminist Issue, analysed the.

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Aug 03, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: Ironically, the only feminism in this book is from the strangely present chapter on Anorexia Nervosa!

Show 25 25 50 All. More on this story. I’m not a mental health professional, but I do think that there is a real skill needed to drive group therapy and ensure it’s always positive and action-orientated rather than providing an outlet for discussing issues and then just fixating on them.

If that young woman comes to parenting, frantic body preoccupation may have so invaded and insinuated itself into her that she will have schemes for managing food and managing appearance.

The life deminist times of a Mossad agent, and isue he did next 13 Dec 2 Comments.

Susie Orbach – Wikipedia

Furthermore, the book does stipulate that every woman wants to and can be thin as if it is a natural tabula rasa state, but that we need to keep unhealthy food at home to in a way challenge ourselves to not eat far.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. My mother has always worked and so doesn’t envy my ability to work, for example.

Winnicott, Winnicott on the Child p. Perhaps this is because a group like this should have a qualified leader.

Please login to subscribe. The fat self is a sort of protection against the vulnerable true self that isn’t fat. In Understanding WomenOrbach and Eichenbaum theorise women’s psychology from the perspective of their work at the Women’s Therapy Centre and introduce the concept of ‘the little girl inside’. She gently unpicks the “very, very painful activity” that is compulsive issye. Occasionally you pick up and book and it turns out not to be what you expected. Aug 10, Dee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is not the case for many women.

And when they are in view, they are presented as inadequate and available for labiaplasty. This book still held some revelations despite the fact that it was written before I was born.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books orbacg want to read. However, what bothered me when I was reading this book was that no women which history was told in the book, was really fat.

In Bodiesshe proposed new theory on how we acquire a q sense of self. But I do think her instructions for going from disordered eating to gaining a better relationship with food is so so important. Beauty work became relentless and, with it, the ubiquity of judgment and failure.

I really struggled with this book. You are fat because you compulsively over eat don’t get me wrong, some of the over-eating talk did ring true, I know all too well that eating when I’m not hungry is a massive habit of mine. Because isaue doesn’t tell you to diet, see! Six months later, she had a whole new outlook on life; she went on to offer therapy to women with eating disorders many years later, one of them would be Princess Diana.


This is a hard book to rate because it’s so specific to opening a support group and i have no interest in that. Particularly in the first book I found myself thinking there was plenty of encouragement to set up self-help groups, but little guidance.

Fat Is a Feminist Issue

It is felt as the expression of personal agency, with the promise that looking feminiwt is doing good. Am Ofbach sad that my book is in print? That’s another thing altogether. Certainly the psychology of FIFI is honest ffat interesting, and a worthwhile read for anyone with body issues; I do subscribe to the idea that it’s women’s subordinate role in society that has lead to so many more body issues for them.

It was the first hint that the way we personally felt about and suffered beauty, bodies and caring was a social issue. Jul 26, Yuliya Yurchuk rated it really liked it. I discovered that I could use my London University history credits there. I say “theory” – but here, it’s presented as fact.