European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers investigates the economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of the European corrugated. This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco Actually this is the standard packaging box. Available in many length, width. Regular RSC boxes, boîtes régulières, boîtes sur mesure, custom boxes, custom printed, boîte carton, feuille de carton, cardboard sheets, boites sur mesure.

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Alternatively, trays can be used in retail, to stock items on shelves, keeping your products upright and in a neat row.

This allows you take advantage of a wide range of tried and tested box designs. Ideal for lightweight items, FEFCO folders are often used for shipping cardboard point of sale items to multiple destinations. Generally, we produce these boxes in board thicknesses ranging from 1.

The corrugation is necessary to keep the liners apart. FEFCO box styles can be manufactured to a simple length, breadth and height l,b,h measurement and to a huge range of designs. Widely used for their strength, durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, corrugated boxes and packaging manufactured by GWP are used in an extensive range of industries.

Clever integrated buffers help protect box contents in case the box is accidentally dropped on a corner. Made up of three parts, this box requires sealing with glue or tape as it is assembled. For vefco, is the 01 style of box from the 02 Slotted-type box category. Slide-type boxes are several pieces of liners and sleeves that are facing different directions from one another. Both a full and print friendly version are available.


We manufacture boxes from white or brown corrugated cardboard, in board thicknesses ranging from 1. FEFCO advice on closure of boxes. Qualities of 02011 cardboard The separate layers of paper, called liners, usually consist of strong types of paper. Manufacturing process Corrugated cardboard is made on the corrugated cardboard machine.

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These indications are based on current practice and are intended to give additional information to specifiers and users. Check out all Fefco codes for box constructions. This saves time and money and allows greater creativity and flexibility.

FEFCO Slotted – Products – AustCor

The box 02001 is perfect for shipping shallow or flat items which are heavier or need extra protection. Usually they are ffefco packed and need to be sealed by the user during assembly. Corrugated cardboard is very stiff at right angles to 001 corrugation, but bends easily in the other direction. They are often used to line the base of a pallet, or to cover the top of a pallet, helping to protect the products and keep the integrity of the palletised stack while it is being moved.

Our designers can add a separate header to a box to turn it into a simple, economic point of sale display. We can print directly to boxes, or they can be supplied unprinted.

For cases with overlapping outer flaps the length of the area of overlapping o should be given as a fourth measurement after an oblique stroke, i.


Guide to FEFCO Box Styles

FEFCO boxes can be adapted by adding locks or handles, making them perfect for your exact requirements. For 02201 boxes we can integrate fetco holes to assist with holding and moving the box. Your Name required Your Email required Message Please briefly explain your enquiry here, so that we can offer a response tailored to your exact requirements Please leave this field empty. Locking tabs can be added to strengthen the lid and base closure, as well as to remove the need for the manufacturer gluing, which will reduce the cost price of the box.

Flute rollers form the corrugation, adhesive is applied to the corrugated tops and a press roller applies the covering layer.

Packing Carton

This box style is generally used for packing only, and so they are produced from brown coloured corrugated cardboard and are usually unprinted. We are able to manufacture boxes from white or brown board, in thicknesses from 1. Commercial rolls and sheets are typically used to protect glass in transport and whilst in storage for additional safety and security. Even as a pallet box. This has multiple benefits — the overlapping results in a stronger box and your contents are less likely to be damaged when the box is opened with a knife.

Some manually erected cases can be closed automatically e.