Palinuro de México has ratings and 50 reviews. Megha said: and I vowed that the book which I would write someday would be as sickly, fragile and. Palinuro of Mexico. Latin American Literature Series. Fernando del Paso. Translated by Elisabeth Plaister. Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela. ILAN STAVANS: Since in ‘Palinuro of Mexico’ you function not only as the FERNANDO DEL PASO: The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style.

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Youth dreams die and the palijuro books that I read are about how bowing the head and toiling keeps things running, no matter how smart you think you are.

So del Paso gives us the history of medicine, encyclopaedia style. View all 23 comments.

Five stars for Cousin Walter’s patchwork waistcoat. Fernando del Paso nos riega de palabras, nos reboza y nos inunda de ellas, modificando significados, invirtiendo significantes, buscando movernos del sitio, alterarnos fernamdo mundo, mudarnos el pensamiento, siempre tan supeditado a la palabra.

He sings of a broken country cutting itself into shreds. It allowed me to return to the study of Mexican pictorial art, music, and dance, and to help disseminate them.


Both agreed, though, that the novel had an extraordinary richness, a praiseworthy poetic content, good pxso of humor, but that it was an excessive book, arrogant, too ambitious, and hence, frustrating in some aspects.

One of its leitmotifs is the student massacre, in Octoberat Tlatelolco Square. It’s a token of respect to the marvels of medical science seen over the centuries and a romanticized view of the human anatomy.


It also reads the way “Ulysses” might if that great experimental novel–the bible for all modern prose fiction writers, as fernanso as I’m concerned–had lacked a plot. Makes you laugh out loud it’s so beautiful, reminds you what it’s like to be young.

Palinuro of Mexico | Dalkey Archive Press

A good page is one that can be read and enjoyed aloud. Ostensibly, this is a novel about the body—in love, in pain, in all its staggering medical complexity—and the irresponsible people responsible for keeping it ticking.

Keith Mano and Felipe Alfau fans – where are you? Five stars for the mexifo who died.

Palinuro de México

Ostensibly, this is an enormous strutting vulture larded with medical terminology, literary references, nonsensical internal monologues that run for up to ten pages sans paragraph breaks. I love it from the first moment, but also know that if this wants to really earn that Alright, time to dive into my first meganovel of The chapter grew as versions accumulated, until it was clear to me that there was no resemblance between the first description and the final text.

This has created confusion among readers: Of a broken self splintering into a thousand mirrored and mirroring shards. I could have used more rules to define this universe, and a few more spaces to breathe.

I would be very very suprised if you did not enojy it hugely. Ostensibly, this is that all-too-rare bird—a freewheeling uninhibited masterwork in pursuance of pure readerly pleasure, of that Gassian wonder of the word. I can give you a curious explanation. There’s a litany of medical terms and body parts. Let me turn to the topic of polyglotism.


A Conversation with Fernando del Paso By Ilan Stavans | Dalkey Archive Press

Palinurus von Mexiko – Deutschland. He lives with his extended family– wacky, of course– in a house in Mexico City. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Palonuro account.

A surrealistic maelstrom in PoMo: Palinuro of Mexico – US. O de noche con la luz encendida, mientras los zancudos meixco una danza cenital alrededor del foco. The French edition came out earlier, injust as classes had resumed after the summer break, and it was a huge success.

This addition to the cohort of accomplished and well-received Latin American prose artists with North American publishers has been a long time in coming. Alright, ce to dive into my first meganovel of The all encompassing protagonist could at times become Cousin Walter, who ends up being another aspect of Fernando del Paso—not of what del Paso once was but of what he could have been.