Flatliners () Movie Script. Read the Flatliners full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode. Amanda Stanton in Flatliners () Diego Luna and James Norton at an event . That’s the meat that the Flatliners hung itself on, and while the script was . Flatliners is a film about five medical students experimenting with near- death experiences Joe Hurley: This is not the kind of shit I want on my transcript.

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What are my chances of making it back without you? You don’t know that. I gave him epi and Benadryl. I just want to know how Rachel was doing. You were shy, and I was a real jerk, and I’m sorry.


That’s some bedside manner. It was an experiment. Did you know that there’s 12 pairs of nerves just within the cranial area? You’re gonna be okay. Recruiting her colleagues Jamie James NortonSophia Kiersey ClemonsMarlo Nina Dobrevand Ray Diego LunaCourtney organizes an “extracurricular project” where she undergoes a procedure to experience death for a short period of time before being revived.


They’re just telling you what you need to know.

You’re in this as deep as the rest of us. The neighborhood’s falling apart.

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We brought him back from the dead. Just push the drug into the goddamn arm! It’s a personal interest. I mean, admitting it is not gonna bring the guy back. I can’t believe I remember all of this. I pulled the autopsy report. I’ve sfript searching for the region of the brain that is responsible for near-death experiences.

It was my fault. Yeah, Jamie, I’ll just leave! I’ve checked the schedules for security down here and cleaning crews. It was more like The experiences continue to intensify, and they begin to be physically beaten by their visions as they try and go deeper into the death experience to find a cure.

We lost a friend. Watch the movie trailer Flatliners. This letter does not mean shit.

Miss MacLaine, and our former First Lady, the outer journey. She’s been under four minutes. Just like you do. It’s your flatline, Cyrus Gudgeon. Randall Steckle, Genesis of a Young Surgeon. You can buy us flatpiners. You just bring the equipment.


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That is the point here, your career. How you doing, Nelson?

Jesus, you’re always running away from me. I’m gonna push an epi and sodium bicarb.