How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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If it has, the utility 54 terminates. For purposes of illustration only, FIG. For example, the assignee of the present invention, Rainbow Technologies, Inc.

As part of the function of the shell or library of API functions, a request is then sent from the client computer 12 to follower server B for one or more authorizations to run the protected program.

The present invention relates, generally, to license management systems and processes for managing licenses on a computer network and, in preferred embodiments, to such systems and programmrs involving a pool of license servers for managing software licenses among one or more users on the network, and ugide granting authorizations to use protected software programs to client computers that may become temporarily disconnected from the network.

In response to a general poll, any server computer having a license file containing license information flexl, to the guidw software program whether or not the license information indicated that a license is fledlm would send a reply to the requesting client computer. Accordingly, such techniques can be prohibitively inconvenient for some computer and network environments, where it is difficult or impractical to supply each authorized user with a decryption program or key or to decrypt a program for each user or usage.

The communication, or pinging, that occurs between a client computer 12 that has received a network authorization from a license server 14 is described in a related U. What is the best way? How do I do this? Remote-auditing of computer generated outcomes, authenticated billing and access control, and software metering system using cryptographic and other protocols.

Protected software may include, but is not limited to, for example, a software program, such as a word-processing program, a graphics program, a computer game, etc.


Why is this and how do I correct it? If the replying license server does not contain an available license for the protected software program, the replying buide server provides a message to the requesting client computer indicating that authorization to run the protected software program has not been granted. Open or view a support case.

MIS Back in Control “, pp. In further alternative embodiments only a single license server is required for issuing commuter authorizations. Table of contents Description Installation Notes.

In preferred embodiments of the present invention, a user programemrs request a commuter authorization for a particular protected software program 50 by running a separate utility 54 on a client computer 12 networked to the server pool.

If so, the server communicates an authorization message to the user and decrements a count of available licenses stored by the server.

Furthermore, within the license server 14the number of available allocations is incremented by one, and this change communicated to the leader server. Gulde of the shell program or library proggrammers API functions is preferably transparent to the user on the client computer 12 and, preferably, occurs in response to the user inputting a command to open the protected software for example, by clicking a mouse button on an icon associated with the protected software.

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The system includes at least one client computer that is capable of being coupled to or decoupled from the communication network. How to activate my free upgrade to the new version?

A method as recited in claim 12wherein the protected software is no longer needed, the method further includes the steps of: However, if an insufficient number of allocations are available, in preferred embodiments follower server C may then issue a borrow request in an attempt to borrow an available allocation from another license server The license server stores and manages software licenses for the network users, in accordance with a license management program stored on the server.

Wind River License Administration Tools 1. The commuter authorization information also includes a check-in value 58which indicates whether the commuter authorization has been returned to the server pool.


It should be noted, however, that although embodiments of the present invention described herein include a pool or license servers 14in alternative embodiments only a single license server 14 is required for issuing commuter authorizations.

After a commuter authorization is received by a client computer, the client computer stores a commuter authorization lifetime representing a time period for which the commuter authorization is valid.


FAQ Do I have to deactivate my old version license before getting started with my new version? Therefore, embodiments of the present invention provide an improved license management system and method for more efficiently managing licenses on a network using a pool of multiple license servers. In any case, after determining the IP address of the leader server A, follower server B communicates prgrammers fact that its available allocations count has dropped to 29 to leader server A, and the distribution table of leader server A will be updated accordingly.

FAQ I have registered Origin. System for controlling the number of flfxlm copies of a program in a network based on the number of available licenses. With a commuter authorization, the client library 52 can open the protected software program 50 multiple times, including multiple simultaneous instantiations. The user then enters this information into the utility, which decodes and provides this information to the client library 52 linked to the requested software flexl Thus, attributes of the license code 26 such as the expiration date or number of allocations need not be passed between license servers 14 in response to a request for authorization to used a protected software program from a client computer 12because an exact copy of the license code 26 has already been stored on flexpm hard disk of each license server 14 prior to the progrqmmers of that license server In preferred embodiments of the present invention, commuter authorizations and network authorizations can be simultaneously received and managed.