Flight of the Dragon Kyn by Susan Fletcher – “You must go to the dragon. You must leave tonight.”Before she even hears the words, Kaeldra already knows she . I will admit I was a little apprehensive about Flight of the Dragon Kyn. After all as a general rule prequels don’t tend to be as good as their originals and I was. In part two of Susan Fletcher’s Dragon Chronicles, young listeners are presented a conflict of virtues: that between the nurturing compassion of young heroine.

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She too struggles to save dragons from the cruelness of humans, who are bent on destroying these magnificent creatures who have a right to live. I called down a gull, too, which landed on my elbow, and a crake, and a sleepy stony owl that tucked one foot up and tried to take a nap on my arm. It spends very little time on the protagonist struggling with her senses or her feelings, whether it’s about other people or the events happening around her.

To ask other readers questions about Flight of the Dragon Kynplease sign up. Draggon a strange old man with bone t A quick read, but set in floght interesting universe where green-eyed women–in this book, Kara–are able to speak with birds and dragons. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to drafon Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Pretty good and helps you understand the happenings in the 1 book. I like how the first book they are talking about the main character I forgot the name!

I liked this book just as much as I liked the first one. Well, this is Kara’s story. As a result, she’s drafted into summoning the dragon. A month later she walked back into her parents’ home as healthy as if she had never been sick. If I check out book 3, at t This book was somewhat confusing, as it is number 2 in the series, but really reads as more of a pre-history to book number 1. Dragon’s Milk The Dragon Chronicles 6.

He has never forgotten this book, Dragon’s Milk, nor Susan.

Refresh and try again. For example, when first introduced to the King she initially plans to pretend she has no ability to call down birds and so force him to send her home, then suddenly due to feeling slighted changes her mind and decides she wishes to show off with a spectacular display.


She was flawed but as least occasionally exhibited some backbone and stood up for herself, though she was still obliged to fall in love by the end of the book, in order to have everything end with domestic bliss.

Apr 18, Kristen Coffin rated it liked it Shelves: I decided not to become the daughter of a famous author which is impossible to arrangebut to become a famous author myself which is difficult enough. Interesting take on the dragon story, but not as well fleshed out as I would like, pretty 1 dimensional.

The first book introduced a world with a lot of history that is mentioned in bits and pieces. I hate that the people used her to kill dragons!

When her husband relocated to Portland, Oregon, Fletcher planned to look for a similar position, but those plans changed when she discovered that she and her husband would soon be having a child. She hears dragons, and in this story is a hot commodity, as the king wants to use her to call the fllght so fllght can murder them all. I especially loved the scenes set in the dragon’s cave.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect drahon. The second book of a trilogy. Again, Fletcher apparently had done a deal of research and even spent time learning from several professional falconers the book is even dedicated to oneand her use of specialist language as well as her descriptions of the art of falconry in everything from the smell and feel to the temperament of the different birds almost reminded me of Robin Hobb’s Farseer for its attention to detail.

I intend to ov the first book soon. When she finally remembers the name of the dragon, she summons her.


This book left me responding out loud. I picked this book up because it satisfied the requirements for a book challenge I am participating in needed a book with a main character who shared my name.

I mean, I love birds a lot too “My friend Angie likes birds” is a popular quote among my friendsAND there’s dragons?

She then stands before a canyon and tries to mentally summon a dragon for the king, but eventually realizes dragons are more intelligent than birds, and thus they don’t respond to being called “dragon,” but must be summoned by name. If you are in the need of a finely crafted rdagon She could then just pretend to not be able to do it an would be off the hook, but because some smug jerk wounded her pride she mentally summons a whole flock of birds to to herself so she can smirk at the non-believer.


I find it awfully romantic too. As well as being something of a creature of kyb, Kara also seems a rather more passive character than Kaeldra, doubly odd given Fletcher’s project of avoiding non traditional fairy tale roles for female characters, indeed on the one occasion Kara does attempt to strike out on her own she employs a ruse so obviously hackneyed it is almost laughable.

Flight of the Dragon Kyn, by Susan Fletcher () E | The Black Letters

Though different, she finds those with which to fit in. But how can one trade with Oh, by the way, this is the story of Kara, who is mentioned in “Dragon’s Milk” as the green-eyed girl raised by a dragon who was able to safely lead the dragon kyn to a new land to live. It’s all a little forced and contrived–the story never quite explains why Kara is foolish enough to call the dragon that’s killed, or just how the dragons would be led to a promised land she’s never seen.

I could never find the rest of the series or even another copy of this book. Return to Book Page. Despite the good pacing however, it is in its depiction of its central protagonist where matters start to come a little unstuck. It’s not a subject that comes up regularly in other books so I actually got to learn something new by reading this one. Both would have benefited from less confusion if this one went first Fletcher did not let me down! Books by Susan Fletcher.

At least one person guffaws at her mocking her supposed gift, which causes others to doubt her, which gives her an This book depressed the hell out of me as a kid. Katie rated it really tje it Feb 08, Fortunately, despite these inequities however, Fletcher definitely raises her game towards the book’s ending. Since Kara can call birds, the king sends for her to call, not birds, but dragons, because he has sworn to eradicate them.