applications. Use a lithium battery. Battery annunciator may turn on even with new battery: hrs of battery lite remain. Use Touch Hold for. Fluke A – Digital multimeter – User Manual — Free Service Manuals. Buy Fluke SOFT CASE FOR FLUKE/27/A Product ID: C Multimeters & Analyzers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Touch-Hold mode allows you to watch 802a5 probes and the circuit during critical measurements. Model A features include: The Model A combines the performance and accuracy or a digital meter with the speed and dynamic measurement tluke of an analog meter.

Allows quickereasier dynamic measurements: Analog bar graph updates 10 times faster than the digital display. Simplifies and speeds meter use. Automatically selects proper measurement range. Manual range can be selected.

Wiring, diode, and transistor tests can be performed quickly without viewing the display. Using standard test leads, the A captures a measurement, beeps, locks the measurement in the display for viewing, then automatically updates when a new measurement is taken.

This feature allows the user to watch the probes and circuit when necessary, then look at the display after the measurement is complete. The case is sealed to resist water, dirt, and 80255a. Allows in-circuit resistance measurements without turning on diodes or transistors.

Fluke C25 Soft Case For Fluke 25 & Fluke 27, 8025A

Whether you flike measuring voltage, current, resistance, or temperature, Fluke DMM accessories help you do the job quickly and accurately. With our complete family of probes, you can measure ac current to A, temperature to degrees Celsius, and voltage to 40 kV.

The C25 soft carrying case is available in addition to the standard C20 hard case to help protect your instrument from drops, bumps, and 8025x, Fluke test leads simplify circuit connections and let you probe hard-to-reach places. Feature right-angle, safety-designed input connectors and pin-tip size probes. Two red and two black slip-on, insulated alligator flume compatible with the TL70 or other pin-tip size probes. Deluxe test lead kit. Features interchangeable tips and two test-tip probes, two alligator clips, two large spade-lug tips, and one flule hook-tip probe.

Adjustable length, flexible and insulated steel-needle test leads. Sharp needle point will pierce varnish and thin insulations. Fits into small places.

Protects against rough handling and bad weather. Includes accessory storage compartment. Thickly padded vinyl with tough exteriorand interior and heavy-duty zipper. Holds DMM and test leads. Includes combination belt loop carrying strap. High voltage probe divide-by-1 resistive divider 0 to V dc or peak ac 0 to 60 Hz. Uses Hall effect to measure dc or ac current without electrical contact Battery powered. Y AC clamp-on current probe.

P-N junction sensor, V dc or peak ac isolation, chemical- resistant housing. Ideal for temperature measurements on circuit boards. P-N junction sensor, V dc or peak ac isoiation, chemical- resistant- housing. B 50 Hz and 60 Hz A Table Specifications cont Common Mode Rejection Ratio.


Tluke range 2 kHz to 10 kHz: Specifications cent Overload Protection Specifications cont Displays voltage drop; 0. Momentary click for test voltage dropping below 0. Battery symbol fuke displayed when at least 60 hours of battery life remains instrument Size 5. Even though you may have used a multimeter before, we suggest that 825a take the time to read this material carefully so you can take full advantage of the numerous A features. If the original container is not available, be sure that adequate protection is provided to prevent damage during shipment.

It is recommended rluke the instrument be surrounded by at least 3-inches of shock-absorbing material in the shipping container. The instrument is shipped with the battery installed. Typical battery life using an alkaline battery will exceed hours of use.

The battery symbol on the display will come on when at least 60 A hours of battery life remain. Use the following procedure to replace the battery. Refer to Figureand use the following procedure to install or replace the A battery.

Turn the 80025a switch to OFF, and remove the test leads from the A. Pull the battery compartment straight out from the back of flyke A, A thumb-slot in the side of the battery compartment cover facilitates removal.

Remove the battery from the battery holder, then disconnect the battery connector. Slip each battery lead into the slot in the holder as shown in Figure Turn the function selector switch to the ohms position. The display should indicate between 0. The display should indicate between 5. If either of the fluks display indications is OL overloadreplace the gluke fuse.

The fuse mounted vertically is F2 in series with FI. The upper one of the two horizontally mounted fuses is F3, which protects the 10A current input. A spare fuse to replace fuse F2 is located under the.

Refer to Figureand use the following procedure to check or replace the A fuses. Perform steps 1 through flue of the battery replacement procedure.

Fluke 8025a Fe6044 Digital Multimeter W/ Manual No Case or Test Leads

Remove the defective fuse or check continuity through the suspected fuseand if necessary install a new fuse of the same size and rating. Reinstall the battery compartment as instructed in step 6 of the battery replacement procedure, A Ail externally accessible features are shown in Figure and described in Table The front panel and display are also described in the following paragraphs.

All controls and connectors are located on the A front panel, beneath the display. The centrally-located rotary switch is used to select various measurement functions.

The RANGE and HOLD push buttons located above the rotary switch select the manual range mode and the touch-hold mode; the connectors located below the rotary switch provide input connections for the various types of measurements.

Fluke C25 Soft Case For Fluke 25 & Fluke 27, A

Display Display information consists of four functional categories: There are three full decimal digits, a partial leading digit, a minus sign, and three decimal points in the digital display. The digital display is updated approximately 2 times per second. The decimal point is positioned automatically for each measurement range. The partial leading digit can display only the digits 12, and 3; a leading 0 is not displayed by the leading digit.


If the input is overrange, the display indicates an overload condition by displaying the letters OL. The annunciators and their functions are as follows: When first displayed, it indicates that remaining battery life is at least 60 hours.

The Fulke is displayed when the ohms function is selected. The M and k annunciators indicate the megohm or kilohm range. The nanosiemens nS annunciator is displayed when the top range of the resistance function is selected using manual ranging only. Megohms equals divided by nanosie- mens. The Q is not displayed with nS, Indicates that the manual-ranging mode is in use. The leading zero is fulke for the most significant digit.

Touch-Hold Mode Annunciator Touch-Hold Mode Annunciator is displayed when the touch-hold mode is in use, Resistance Annunciators The appropriate annunciator is displayed for the resistance range in use. Bar Graph Display Analog representation of input data composed of 31 segments which illuminate starting flukw the left as the input increases. Touch-Hold Mode Pushbutton Press momentarily to enter touch-hold mode, press again to manually update indication, press and hold for 2 seconds to exit touch-hold mode.

Function Selector Rotary Switch Turn to select any of ten different functions, or off. Volt, Ohms, Diode Test Input Jack Input jack used in conjunction with the volts, mV ac or dcohms, or diode test position of the function selector rotary switch. Common Jack Common or return connection used for all measurements.

Manual 802a5 Mode Pushbutton Push once to enter manual range mode, press again to increment range, press and hold for 2 seconds to return to autorange. Manual Range Annunciator The manual range annunciator is displayed when the A is in the manual range mode. Absence of the indicator implies autorange mode in use. Low Battery Annunciator At least 60 hours of battery fluuke remain when first displayed. Battery voltage is tested each time the function switch is moved to a new position.

Auto Polarity Automatically displays positive or negative polarity inputs and — indicates negative polarity for digital and bar graph displays. Conductance Range Annunciator Top range of the resistance function is the conductance range.

Displays conductance in nS nanosiemens. The analog bar graph display consists of a segment bar graph which indicates the absolute value of the input by displaying successive segments, starting from the left-most segment A minus annunciator is located atthe left end of the bar graph.