Food, Inc. has ratings and 24 reviews. Torrey said: The Book that I read for this assignment is called Food Inc. The author of this book is Peter Pri. Summary. A balanced and well-researched account of the dispute over genetically modified foods. The British government must make a decision by Spring So little ground has shifted in the genetically modified food debate that a twelve- year old volume remains pertinent today. Food, Inc. examines a.

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Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit Food, Inc. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A sustainable food supply should be at least of some importance to most people.

In theory, the new arrangements take into account the needs of different farming systems in different countries, but will they allow mendek to grow their favorite and traditional crops rather than homogeneous foods for the conveyor belt of industrial agriculture? Bringing food to people’s tables not only provides for others but also encourages the roots of self-sufficiency and community.

Food, Inc.: Mendel to Monsanto–The Promises and Perils of the Biotech Harvest

Scientists, go, environmentalists, ecologists, farmers, agronomists, sociologists, lawyers, economists, creationists, mystics, latter-day Pre-Raphaelites, and antiglobalists who wanted to bring a halt to this new technology took to the streets to stop agribusiness from tampering with their food.

It will change your perspective on food: Researchers in America, Australia, Europe, and Russia are racing to discover which gene, or combination of genes, governs asexual reproduction. Oh, right, activists aren’t concerned about people in the “developing” world either. This book isn’t as extensive or well researched as “The World A The author presents an “unbiased” discussion of genetically modified crops.

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He reveals many dimensions of several controversies that will be familiar to most readers from media coverage, yet remain poorly understood: Instead the biographies of individual often colourful campaigners are covered. In this urgent dispatch, he suggests that a fertile partnership between consumers, corporations, scientists, and farmers could still allow the biotech harvest to reach its full potential in helping to overcome the problem of world hunger, providing nutritious food and keeping the environment healthy.


And yet the possible benefits of biotech agriculture to our food supply are too vital to be left to either partisan. More than a century after Mendel’s death, apomixis remains one of the most vigorously investigated botanical mysteries. Multinational corporations are able to patent genes from crops that have been cultivated by farmers for centuries; governments food starving African nations refuse GM food they fear is poisonous; scientists hastily publish research that is blown out of proportion by the news media; and “green” activists vandalize greenhouses and fields where scientists are conducting GM research.

The pollen grains containing the Bt toxin blow in the wind onto milkweed leaves. The author points out faults on both sides as to why there is so much FUD about them. He is theauthor and coauthor of several nonfiction books, including th ebestselling Those Are Monasnto Bullets, Aren’t They? To write a book this way the author must have informative chapter titles that explain what the chapter is about. The improvements never reached the poorest farmers in Africa.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This book does a great job at informing its reader of the pros and cons of GMOs. monsanot

Read more Read less. This book is the invaluable work of a dedicated craftsman in search of the truth behind the superheated rhetoric — pro and con — of the raging scientific food controversy. I think the author did a good job of providing a balanced view while highlighting the lax regulations and patent law oversights that are creating problems in the industry. And that’s it, then it moves on to another topic. The word apomixis is from the Greek apo, meaning “away from,” and mixis, which means “mingling,” a quaint conjunction that aptly describes the somewhat haphazard way plants have sex.

And yet the possible benefits of biotech agriculture to our food supply are too vital to be left to either partisan. Know I now what went wrong. It is hard to know the long term consequences of our actions as a society. But alas, that is not the world we live in. And yet the possible benefits of biotech agriculture to our food supply are too vital to be left to either partisan. I am not completely up to date on current legal issues regarding patents on genetic material and since this book has been published several of more ridiculous patents have been revoked, but there still seem to be some problems.


THis book was very interesting! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I agree with the message, appreciated the background information and examples but didn’t need quite so much of it. The evidence i have of this is a quote from the text. Scientists will have moved beyond the simple transfer of one gene to another to make crop plants short or tall, or to increase a plant’s own defenses against insects and pests, or to bestow resistance to cold or heat. The production increases drove down prices ti to farmers, while farmers’ costs rose. Want to Read saving….

Worst of all, the antibiotech forces say, a single food conglomerate could end up telling us what to eat. It could create new allergies, upset ecosystems, destroy biodiversity, and produce uncontrollable mutations.

Food, Inc. : Mendel to Monsanto–the promises and perils of the biotech harvest

monsajto There was an error while adding the following items. Scientists, he says, have been remarkably inventive in their endeavors to improve the food we eat, using a gene from daffodils, for example, in growing golden rice with high levels of vitamin A that can help prevent blindness in the undernourished.

In the yearscientists took a step into that new era.

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