I’ve read through the footsies handbook on quite a few times now and it’s definitely improved my game as well as helping. Posts about Footsies Handbook written by muttonhead. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook — Introduction/Foreword The ebook you’re reading now is the result of a lot of effort by Maj of to compile.

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Projectiles can be utilized as pokes just as easily as normals can. Running away works too, especially from easily frustrated opponents.

Footsies Handbook | Being a Scrub

That’s why it wreaks havoc on cautious players’ plans; used sparingly, of course. The exact duration of your walk depends on yandbook opponent’s habits. August 21st, at Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 2 It takes a long time to look through enough footage to find clear examples of these concepts, but I’ll try to continue this series on a weekly schedule as long as I’m able.

It’s a relatively safe gamble and if they take the bait, you can punish them or at the very least you’ll have neutralized the threat of their super meter. Rushdown, footsies, turtling, runaway, and all other major categories of tactical gameplans employed by fighting game players hanfbook some aspect of zoning.

Determine which of your combos and attack strings position your opponents barely outside their effective reversal range, especially when handbook characters with greater mobility. Now it’s time to explore some close quarters combat.

Well, mastery of footsies is knowing how to punish everything, including your opponent’s decision not to poke. April 1st, at It all hinges on constant analysis of footdies opponent to determine which tactic to apply at any given moment.


Dictate where the match will be fought. Up close, hopkicks can be used to extend offensive sequences or interrupt telegraphed poke strings.

December 17th, at Don’t bother chasing after shortcuts. You’re bound to get demolished whenever you let that happen.

Then usually a grudge match would develop and these people would finally clash at a major tournament, where the community as a whole would witness whether or not Spider-Man truly beats Zangief. Following a basic combo or block string, poke with a light attack from its maximum distance. In addition to character spacing, zoning also includes stage positioning considerations. Most everyone’s natural reaction to having their attack interrupted is to block, which makes it easy to walk up and throw them in their moment of hesitation.

After all, it requires an irreversible committment to be based on a predictive whim. MK range but don’t press it right away. I was thinking that after you train them, then you can walk in, but as you point out. The rest will take care of itself. Translated in Greek by JustFrame Team.

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hanbook There’s simply no denying the decisive impact of super moves in modern fighting games. For example, ST Dhalsim has direct reactionary counters to everything Ryu can do, but gaining access to his Shinkuu Hadoken super gives Ryu instant comeback potential. Momentarily step into your opponent’s poke range and quickly back out instead of attacking. There’s no way he would’ve gotten away with such gutsy throw attempts at the beginning of the round. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that footsies is something you whip up on the fly.


Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 6 — Although footsies primarily occupy mid-range zones, quite a few basic footsies components can be effective in close quarters too.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook

In fact, having a solid foundation of mid-range footsies opens up direct gateways into point-blank range. Force yourself to try something new every round. What do you do? In most cases, preventing opponents from establishing that ideal range is the wisest solution.

Two direct universal methods of dealing with projectiles are jumping over them and stuffing them during startup. Unfortunately it means literally everything at the core of competitive Street Fighter strategy. MK pokes while they’re fishing to land a super move. The only obstacle in your path is your opponent’s fully charged meter.

For example, a flashing guard bar tends to make people jumpy with reversals and trigger-happy with supers.

But for the guy trying to figure out why Daigo keeps walking back and forth at midrange, a straightforward explanation would be nice. The main tactical advantage here is that it can be executed from within an habdbook sweep range, which makes it a viable tool even when you’re cornered.

Never get caught up in overusing them to the point of becoming predictable, abandoning your gameplan, or forgetting other effective tools in your arsenal.