Forza’s SL series of smart UPS systems is certainly the complete solution for government agencies or private businesses, in the educational, financing and. Forza UPS SLUL VA/W 6 out V Forza UPS SLLCD VA W 6 Out V · Forza UPS SLLCD-D VA/W V. Home › Forza Smart-UPS VA/W 8 outlets V USB SL Forza Smart-UPS VA/W 8 outlets V USB SL Forza. $ $ .

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Software Installation — Forza Tracker. Restores immediate emergency power to the load after installing new batteries. Trouble Shooting Guide When the Forza UPS is not working normally, please refer to the following trouble shooting table for solving installation or operation problems.

GS-COM Computers and Networks

Automatic shut-off Guard your equipment against potentially damaging power fluctuations and other irregularities in the electrical supply by shutting down the power when voltage levels become too low or too high.

Delivers reserved energy long enough for equipment to properly shut down. Do not dispose the batteries into fire. Pronetsys GCT – Tel: Thermofuse Protection Increased reliability and peace of mind Power disconnection function when transformer temperatures become too high. Definitions of LED Indicators.

LED visual indicators Simplified monitoring. Thermofuse Protection Increased reliability and peace of mind Power disconnection function when transformer temperatures become too high.

How do I get a list of connected remote desktop users on Microsoft Windows Server ? Safety Instructions keep this Manual. Automatic Voltage Regulation Complete AVR protection against voltage irregularities Essential in areas where voltage fluctuations occur frequently, providing clean and stable power. Video surveillance Medium servers Emergency lighting. When replacing batteries, replace with the same number of the sealed lead-acid batteries.

Install the UPS unit in any protected environment that provides adequate airflow around the unit, and free from excessive dust, corrosive fumes and conductive. The unit contains no user serviceable parts; do not attempt to disassemble the unit.


Forza UPS SL-1011LCD-D 1000VA/600W 110V

Windows Server R2: Intelligent battery management Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging. If any damage is discovered, repack the unit and return it to the place of purchase. Surge protection, overload protection, electric discharge and voltage protection Diverts excess voltage away from connected equipment during power surges or power spikes without reducing battery power used to run primary critical equipment.

Disconnect charging source prior to connecting or disconnecting battery terminals. Touch screen status LCD State-of-the art touch screen cycles through live status of the UPS with detailed information on battery and power conditions, alerting users to potential problems before they can affect equipment and cause costly downtime. Do not try to open the batteries. How do I create a company directory Add Company Directory When you create a company directory, users in the directory have access When your computer restarts, the management software will appear as a green plug icon located in the system tray, near the clock.

The batteries are explosive under the high temperatures.

UL tested Tested to UL standards for electrical safety and compliance. Recognized by global laboratories. Battery self-test Ensures early failure notifications of bad or old batteries for immediate replacement, preventing any unexpected and unforeseen backup power issues.

Boost and Buck AVR for stabilizing input power voltage. Audible alarm Provides audible notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions for when the UPS is installed in hard to reach places or not easily seen by the user. LED status light Warranty: When the Forza UPS is not working normally, please refer to kps following trouble shooting table ofrza solving installation or operation problems.

Forza UPS SLUL VA: Better Deals

Thermofuse protection Instantly disconnects the power when internal temperatures become dangerously high. The integration of voltage regulation, surge suppression and backup capabilities in a single unit has made this one of the best-selling UPS systems in its class. See sl-111 terms for details. Flame retardant material All of our products are constructed with fire retardant ABS material, guaranteeing that if any failures are present, the equipment will not go up in flames.

  ISO 13486 PDF

Battery backup Supplies battery-derived backup power during blackouts, preventing loss of critical information and minimizing equipment stress caused by a hard shutdown. If any abnormal situation not listed above occurs, please call our service department for further assistance. Inverter and generator compatible Engineered to properly work with frequency variations caused by emergency inverters and backup generators in areas with severe electrical fluctuations.

LCD touch screen Sl-10111 software: The highest standard of power protection: Connect one computer-related device into each power receptacle supplied on the back of the UPS. Silent design Our fan-less design coupled with uniquely ventilated construction provides an overall solution ideal for quiet environments with less interference and noise obtained from moving internal components. The power switch is not pressed. Automatic voltage regulation AVR Provides clean and stable AC power by automatically increasing low voltages during brownouts and decreasing overvoltages without tapping into the reserved battery power when irregularities are present on the main utility line.

The software also prevents data loss from power outages by safely shutting down the UPS units while allowing the immediate detection and correction of any operation issues with minimal or no delay. Forza tracker management software Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPS units through a network connection.

The voltage used by this UPS may be hazardous. Can be reset to resume operation.

The battery contains toxic electrolyte which is harmful to the skin and eyes. Do not install the UPS in locations nearby running water or excessively humid.