Buy Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange. When I heard Fostex FA alnico full range driver first time I realized its great potential. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been. Fostex 8” FULL RANGE Alnico magnet Foam surround 8 ohm impedance Frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz 90 dB sensitivity Flange X mm .

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Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange buy at

The dedicated room will allow for nearfield listening with lots of clear space around, proper proportions, isolated power, etc. I won’t get into the tube watts versus solid state watts discussion. I’m having to re-assess which of my recordings are “audiophile grade” as new life is discovered in them.

As I go through my collection I continue to find new detail or deeper bass than I remembered. Multiple MDF g200a Red Oak braces located in the strategic places to avoid vibrations and move it to high frequency region where it’s less audible.

I just put an order into CSS for a pair of their little 4. Wonderful new speaker set-up JLM But the undynamic, inefficient behavior of the speakers is disturbing. OR, think about the little Jordan JX53, which would be ideal, in their small sealed boxes, designed to be wall mounted. Need some funds for next project. Good luck, Mark in Canada.

There is a good review of your cabinet with the Lowther DX I believe on www. A cone driver using a whizzer cone is not to be confused with a single driver. He offered to do something different, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else that would reinforce, be at least the size of the driver, and look better. The black oval is additional baffle reinforcement, allows for additional room to fit the driver in front of the slanted partition that defines the tapered transmission line, and is Bob Brines signature styling.


The thickness is 2.

dostex What is the lowest powered tubed amp you have used with these speakers? But we’re trying to build a house starting yet this fall, so finances and time are both at a premium.

Genesis Advanced Technologies 2. I cannot imagine what JLM’s outfit might sound like with a nice digital amp on it. Speaker builder for many years I did it my foshex – closed box with electronic low-pas filter based in JRiver media center.

It must also produce a large and accurate 3 dimensional image and therefore cannot be built into the walls of the room or be designed for placement against walls.

With the 12 wpc Torii satisfying gostex levels start at 8: The notch filter as JLM mentioned takes about db away from the speakers. The boxes built by professional woodworker.

# beautiful goods!#Fostex F200A speaker pair set! box attaching

All I can say is that digital amps with singles are a conversion on the road to Damascus for me. Please foostex that due to current room and domestic restraints the speakers spend most their time almost tight against the walls of my 11 ft x 19 ft x 8 ft room with CD storage cabinet and equipment between them.

Nice folks to deal with. With baffle step compensation and careful stuffing of the TL the speaker produces a very flat response without cabinet f20a and the design eliminates out of phase signals. Home Marketplace Speakers Full-Range. In the end, give them an ear if you can, but buy what turns your crank, just like those speakers do!


Any line on where to find the drivers themselves? And dynamics seem to have improved as well. Dmason Full Member Posts: FTA See them here: The amount of bass wrung from this design is hard to square with what’s going on.

Mark in Canada Logged Print Pages: The speakers sounded very good indeed. Compared to multi-driver speakers the sound is much more coherent but admittedly lacks a bit extension at each end compared to many of the more elaborate designs.

Break in of these drivers is measured in the hundreds of hours, as are many other good extended range drivers. I bought the FA drivers from Madisound last spring. I will be using them to start, in a 25L BR cabinet, which, admittedly is less than optimal, but nonetheless will be a good home for them.

The sound is very coherent and easy to listen too. Sorry, this listing has ended.

Any good speaker must cover the entire audible range of the source. My speakers now have a name: Nice f200q up JLM, gives good insight into the design. I’ve heard that Fostex may stop importing them to the U.