2hv 2hv ADP + Pi ATP Cit b – f PC FOTOFOSFORILACION NO CICLICA FOTOFOSRORILACION CICLICA FASE LUMINOSA- ESQUEMA Z 8. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Photophosphorylation during chloroplast development in Red Kidney bean. II. Photophosphorylation and photoreduction appear concomitantly but initially are.

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Photoreduction of ferricyanide attained apeak value by 12 h of illumination and subsequently fell to normal levels by h. La fotofosforilscin de excitacin puede usarse como combustible para las reacciones fotosintticas 2 ,o puede desexcitarse disipando calor. Post on Jun 1. Los carotenos y las xantfilas. Uptake of zinc also is adversely affected by high levels of available phosphorus and iron in soils.

Plants may be nutrient deficient without showing visual clues.

Copper deficiencies are mainly reported on sandy soils which are low in organic matter. Puede regresar emitiendo luz que se observa como fluorescencia 1. Potential factors causing pseudo deficiency include, but are not limited to, disease, drought, excess water, genetic abnormalities, herbicide and pesticide residues, insects, and soil compaction.

Precautions in identifying nutrient stress symptoms include the following: Home Documents Fisiologia y Nutricion Vegetal.


Sugar transport in plants, flower retention and pollen formation and germination cicliica are affected by boron. Fotofosflrilacin dos ltimos mecanismos reducen la cantidad de fluorescencia de la clorofila. Radical libre es aquella especie qumica capaz de existir independientemente y que posee uno o ms electrones desapareados. Most soils contain sufficient levels of chloride for adequate plant nutrition. This results in a stunted appearance rosettingbarren ears due to poor pollination, hollow stems and fruit hollow heart and brittle, discolored leaves and loss of fruiting bodies.


Crop species, and even some cultivars of the same species, differ in their ability to adapt to nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. La actividad comenzo cuando se inico la sintesis rapida de la clorofila.

fotofosforilacion ciclica by Julian Andres on Prezi

Zinc is not mobile in plants so zinc- deficiency symptoms occur mainly in new fotodosforilacin. Molybdenum deficiencies are found mainly on acid, sandy soils in humid regions. Si encuentra un recuadro que concuerda con el problema que observa en sus plantas, mire al recuadro debajo de el para identificar el nutriente o grupo de nutrientes que pueden causar esos sntomas cuando ellas son deficientes.

La fase luminosa que se lleva a fotofoeforilacin a nivel de las membranas de los tilacoides y La fase oscura que se lleva a cabo a nivel del estroma. The rates of dark reduction rapidly diminished to low levels by 15 h of illumination when normal rates of photochemical activity were observed. Seed and grain production are reduced with low boron supply.

La primera reaccin de reduccin es superxido Las reducciones subsiguientes forman perxido de hidrgeno, fotofosforioacin hidroxilo y agua.

Las tasas de reduccion en la oscuridad disminuyeron rapidamente a niveles bajos hacia las 15 horas de iluminacion, cuando se observaron tasas normales de actividad fotoquimica.

The meters are used to measure leaf greenness, which is positively related to leaf chlorophyll content. Son las mismas sustancias que les protegen de ser fcilmente oxidados por la accin del aire y el sol. Iron deficiencies are found mainly on high pH soils, although some acid, sandy soils low in organic matter also may be iron-deficient. Destinos posibles de la Chl excitada. Deficiency symptoms of copper are dieback of stems and twigs, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and pale green leaves that wither easily.


Photophosphorylation and photoreduction appear concomitantly but initially are uncoupled The effects of humidity and cytokinin on growth and water relations of salt-stressed bean plants Clasificacion del frijol comun Phaseolus vulgaris L. Uptake of iron decreases with increased soil pH, and is adversely affected by high levels of available phosphorus, manganese and zinc in soils.

The characteristic molybdenum deficiency symptom in some vegetable crops is irregular leaf blade formation known as whiptail, but interveinal mottling and marginal chlorosis of older leaves also have been observed.

This damage leads to photoinhibition. Leaf yellowing first appears on the younger upper leaves in interveinal tissues. There are few areas of chloride-deficient so this micronutrient generally is not considered in fertilizer programs. De all tiene varios modos de regresar de nuevo al estado de reposo. Molybdenum uptake by plants increases with increased soil pH, which is opposite that of the other micronutrients.

RA-CIAT spa Cyclic phosphorylation with phenazine methosulfate and noncyclic phosphorylation and reduction with ferricyanide were detected in isolated chloroplasts from greening bean leaves after 3- 4 h of illumination.

For instance, N and S deficiency symptoms can be very alike, depending upon plant growth stage and severity of deficiencies. La fila inferior de recuadros, que no estn presentes para tres de los sntomas visuales, enumera los nutrientes que pueden causar sntomas similares cuando ellos estn presentes en cantidades excesivas o txicas.