Get started with Adobe Photoshop. Find tutorials, the user guide, answers to common questions, and help from the community forum. Learn Photoshop with hundreds of free Photoshop tutorials, all written with beginners in mind. From Photoshop Photoshop CC. Complete step-by-step tutorial. In this Photo Retouching tutorial, learn how easy it can be to select someone’s hair in a photo with the improved Refine Edge command in Photoshop CS5!.

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To add more of the woman’s hair, I just need to paint with the Tutorihali Radius Tool over the area where her hair should be. Thanks for our friends from Photoshop CC and Adobe Stock, we are sharing this cool tutorial about making a cinemagraph using those very same tools. User Guide Get quick answers and step-by-step instructions. Start by learning all about pixels, image size and image resolution! Notice that I’m keeping my selection along the inner edge of her arm. With tutorijalli option enabled, we can actually see the radius in the document window.

That’s why the Radius value is measured in pixels px. This expands my selection edges outward and I now see more fine hair detail being added to the selection, although much of it looks very faded at the moment, tutorinali we’ll fix that next:.

To resolve other download, installation, and update issues, see this download and install troubleshooting guide. Only pixels within the radius zone are being analyzed:. Just like any of Photoshop’s other brushes, we can change the size of both the Refine Radius Tool and the Erase Refinements Tool directly from the keyboard.

How to Crop Photos in Photoshop CC — Complete Guide Our complete guide to cropping images in Photoshop includes how to use the Crop Tool, how to straighten images, crop photos to exact frame sizes, and more! For more about Photoshop selection tools, see our How to make selections in Photoshop series. All four of these options are set to 0 by default and when using the Refine Edge command for selecting hair, it’s usually best to leave at least the first three options Smooth, Feather and Contrast set to 0.


But how do I know where to paint when I can’t actually see the rest of her hair because it’s not currently part of the selection?

Now that we’re done selecting the hair, we need to output our selection, and tutorijjali best way to do that is to have Photoshop convert our selection into a layer mask so that we’re not actually deleting any pixels from the original image.

There’s no need for any fancy or advanced selection tools here.

Selecting Hair with Refine Edge in Photoshop CS5

Why doesn’t Preview work on my mobile device? Follow these step-by-step instructions to upgrade and start your membership. This month, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Abduzeedo. It all depends on which View Mode is currently selected at the top of the Refine Edge dialog box. The solid black represents areas that Photoshop is ignoring as it looks for additional pixels to add to our selection with the On White view mode, the areas being ignored appear in white, not black.

How do I cancel and what happens to my files?

With the announcement of my Osore: Now I am trying to create a routine again and write a few tutorials per month. It worked quite well and still does, however it’s not a very reliable approach if you really want to understand the constraints and complexities that a developer may face when translating your designs into the final product.

Then, I’ll bring up Photoshop’s Refine Edge command either by going up to the Select menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choosing Refine Edge from the menu choices, or, since I still have the Polygonal Lasso Tool selected, I can simply click on the Refine Edge button in the Options Bar you need to have a selection tool active for the Refine Edge button to appear in the Options Bar:.

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And the Contrast option will attempt to sharpen up selection edges by boosting contrast, again not something that usually works well with hair.

This tutorial is part of our Portrait Retouching collection. We’ll look at the last view mode in the list – Reveal Layer – a bit later.

Learn how to download previous versions of Photoshopsuch as CS6, directly from the Creative Cloud desktop app. With Show Radius turned off, we switch back to seeing the image in the document window.

Adobe Photoshop Learn & Support

There’s still a bit of unwanted radius along the bottom of the image, but we’ll see how to clean that up in a moment:. How do I fix graphics card, redraw, or fotoso; image errors?

Whether you know which eye color you need or you just want to play around and experiment, Photoshop makes changing eye color easy, fast and fun! If we look in votosop document window, we can see the radius as that visible zone between the two areas of solid black.

Since I still have the Show Radius option selected at the top of the dialog box, we can see that the area along the bottom of the image is now filled with solid black, which means Photoshop will now ignore that area:.