Along the way, it addresses many topics on the metaphysics of time and identity. These include Four-Dimensionalism. An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. This defense includes a novel account of. Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Kathrin Koslicki. Kathrin Koslicki. Search for other works by this author on.

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An Ontology of Persistence and Time Four-dimensionalism: Sider also persistwnce cases where identity over time is vague or conventional. Daniel Deasy – – Philosophical Studies 8: History of Western Philosophy.

Four-Dimensionalism – Paperback – Theodore Sider – Oxford University Press

These paradoxes arise from the prima facie plausible view that two objects cannot coincide spatially, and share all of their parts. Rea – – In Michael J. The sixth and last chapter is devoted to the rebuttal of some arguments against four-dimensionalism. This particular defense, I should note, is really quite powerful and well presented — a genuine highlight of the book.

The Laws of Belief Wolfgang Spohn. Contents 1 The FourDimensional Picture.

Theodore Sider, Four Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time – PhilPapers

Yuri Balashov – – The Monist 83 3: Which, for example, are the persons? At the end of the day, however — whether or not Sider entices some subset of his converts to Four-Dimensionalism to also embrace the stage view — I think we may confidently judge that he has contributed a genuinely challenging and philosophically satisfying book to the literature in contemporary metaphysics. Ontoloyy lump of bronze and a statue that it is made of are different objects, because the lump has temporal parts that the statue has not.


More common is the worm view, according to which ordinary terms refer to the whole four-dimensional object, or spacetime worm. Oxford University Press Amazon.

In conclusion Sider replies to prominent objections to four- dimensionalism, including discussion of the problem of the rotating homogenous disk. The text proper is divided into i a sustained argument against the doctrine of presentism, thus clearing the way for eternalism which then serves as a backdrop for the rest of the book [chapter 2]; ii a careful formulation of and introduction to our competitors — Three-Dimensionalism and Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 1 and 3]; iii a critical evaluation of the case for Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 4 and 5], and iv a critical evaluation of the case against Four-Dimensionalism [chapter 6].

For many years to come, this book is sure to be the locus classicus with respect to which all those engaged with the literature on persistence must four-dimensionalim themselves. Some well-known puzzles seem to challenge that view.

Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time

In Newtonian spacetime, comparisons of positions at different times pose no problem, for there places endure: Three- and Four-Dimensionalism in Metaphysics. Katherine Hawley – unknown.


Kelly Trogdon – – Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 94 4: Skip to main content. The second option she has, is andd de ne some spacelike hypersurface of Minkowski spacetime as being a plane of absolute simultaneity.


How can we ascribe both these properties to the same object? Remember me on this computer.

To the standard arguments against presentism the truth-maker objection and the argument from special relativity he adds an original problem: Oxford University Press An Ontology of Persistence and Time. The idea is best illustrated by noticing that change involves prima facie inconsistent property- ascriptions.

The key role in the de nition is played by a relation of parthood that is timelessly ascribed to instantaneous temporal parts of four-dimensionalksm objects.

This is a philosophy book as one would wish them all to be: The rst is the case of the lump of bronze and the statue: Philosophical Writings Peter Strawson. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider.