Edexcel Maths FP3 Pdf — Download. Edexcel Maths M1 Pdf — Download. Edexcel Maths M2 Pdf — Download. Edexcel Maths M3 Pdf — Download. Edexcel . IMO this is a poor book as all others in the series. The only thing that makes it good is the solution bank and the fact that it seems like the ideal. Buy MEI Additional Further Pure Mathematics FP3 Third Edition (MEI Structured Terry Heard, David Martin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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You also have vectors before matrices and at one point the books says “You need to textbolk a 3×3 det, which you will meet in the next section of the book” As with their mechanics M1 book the topics are not in an ideal order.

Original post by Ilyas that’s the official one, it can make something seem harder than it actually is but this is a very good thing, because then when it comes to the exams your mind will be in much more ease also, the book is flooded with questions which is good too. Well beyond is better then below so I’ll probably opt for the oxford one.


Tell us a little about yourself to get started. This forum is supported by: Original post by Perpetuallity Unbelievable. GCSE home and forums. Some is beyond the scope of the Edexcel stuff but its a good solid generic book. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1.

You can forgive the subtle mistakes in textbooks, but edexcel just take the biscuit rp3 it comes to blunders. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 7. I have the books at school but tend to use the Oxford ones more for C IMO this is a poor book as all others in the series. Report 7 years ago 9.

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FP3 Textbook – Edexcel – The Student Room

Yes, but I forget them before Feb Undergraduate Mini Open Day Undergraduate. The chapters have far better structure and the quality of publication is far better. No, they’re silly Oops, nobody is replying to posts. Report 7 years ago 6. Report 7 years ago tedtbook.

The Oxford book is better. Report 7 years ago Original post by Perpetuallity I have this one http: Why not re-start the conversation? Report Thread starter 7 years ago Careers home hextbook forums. How was your ?

FP3 Solution Bank – Physics & Maths Tutor

The mechanics one in the same series is very good too. I know, its utterly shocking. Funds allowing get both the Oxford one and this one and take them both for what they are.


Also, I’ve just spotted a mistake in the oxford book; page 68; second order differential equations; top of the page example 8 cont’d Where they should have stayed consistant with the original question and written when finding the particular integral, they wrote So the rest of that example is wrong, but other than that discrepancy, the book is fab. Fancy studying your degree online?

Hey guys, looking for a decent FP3 textbook. Report 7 years ago 8. Get Started Today’s posts Unanswered posts. Fri, 4 Jan ‘ There is also the issue of ‘overload’ An example would be the vectors chapter in FP3.

FP3 Solution Bank

The whole series is riddled with errors as is solution bank Uni home and forums. Original post by MissBrown Yes, I have found one in the FP2 book also but they are not as “Surely the person proofing that, the book company producing that and even the fff’in tea boy delivering them saw that” bad.

News and textbool forums. Original post by Perpetuallity