GENERAL. Usage of Maintenance Manual. FR-SF series inverters are designed to drive machine tool spindles, and feature quiet operation, stable and rapid. Hi all: Could anyone please explain the difference between the FREQROL FR- SE and FR-SF??? To me they sound the same I thank you for. Repair service for FR-SFK-CE Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 26kW VAC FREQROL FR-SF Condition: Send-in repair. Free evaluation. 6 Months warranty .

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Yep, it’s one of the big base transistors gone bad.


So, you have to change a parameter, SP19 I think. Last, insert your fingers into the freqtol 2 posi- tions on the hinge panel and remove the entire SF-CA card from the hinge panel. At the time, the fan case with the cooling fan can be dismounted. The part should be replaced every 5 years.

For details of the contents of alarms, see 1. See questions and answers.


Mitsubishi FR-SF

Set to idjust orientation for the respective rear. It’s just a sr connection and I checked for connectivity with the meter and one or two are failing when I move or press the card a little. Fanuc 21i i CNC Controls. After rebuilding, your drive will be finely tuned and run-in on one of our dedicated motor test stands for a longer, cooler, vibration free life.

By referencing the trouble classification shown in Table 1. On the center and right side connectors power the base drive for the large transistors.

Note Put on the tube on the terminal G of the tran- sis tor module. IJI c7-E I 2: ON Position of dip switch.

Also there are 2 fans over the heatsink that can be removed without removing the drive from the machine. Does it vary remarkably depending on the time zone?

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual

Help Center Find new research papers in: Appendix l-4 or l The NC, amplifier, and o In the same manner as the a Correctly ground them. See Appendixes l-7 and l Refer to M series side to the freqtol. Example To change the data to 2 6 4 0enter [Tj[T][T]! At which of phase R, S, and T a fuse is blown?

  DSX 1022 PDF

Mitsubishi FR-SF: Industrial Automation, Control | eBay

Frerqol parameters are categorized as groups 1 to 8. Axis 2 specification para- 1 meter: It should be the same as the tion, axis Z ting: For gear 00, the number of gear teeth The number of gear on the motor shaft side is set.

There are three types of warnings as listed in the table. CCw Hotor forward rotation See Appendixes l-4 and l-5 When they are shortcircuited D At a convenient time, re- the thermal protector is place the motor with a new normal. It represents 0 when no position loop is formed.

Alternatively, the NF Appendix 5. How much life can be left on an aged, unknown drive?. When SW is turned on, the meter full-scale voltage frfqrol output, so that the speed meter and load meter are adjusted using VR4 and VR5, respectively.