The exhibition’s title, Traces upon the Wunderblock, refers to Sigmund Freud’s concept of the unconscious. According to Freud, the wunderblock represents the . Wunderblock is an exhibition of new work at the Freud Museum in London, 6 March- 26 May, , by artist Emma Smith, drawing on original. FOR BOOKING, REMIXING, MASTERING REQUESTS: [email protected] org *** The term of Wunderblock is related to the concept by Siegmund Freud.

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O nly a week ago, in Berlin, Germany, the memory of those devastated by the gruesome and calculated extermination carried out by the Germany of National-Socialism has been commemorated.

Wunderblock :

For most of us have not witnessed, nor survived, nor fought against, nor died while fighting, freu forces. We are witnesses of these memories only in their re-writing, in their annual repetition. I also ask myself if these memories can retain their importance for the ones who are only wunderbkock descendants of the humanity of that era?


If in our commemoration, we are not only able to sketch the contours of what can never be truly recollected again? Yoram Kaniuk Photograph by Marcel Molle.

The child draws on the screen with a plastic pencil leaving marks on the wax board.

Freud argues that the mechanism of memory functions in the same way. The wax board akin to the unconscious, the place where these experiences are copied wuhderblock indefinitely preserved.

Nevertheless, when we wuncerblock about humans, memories do not function in the same exact way. A Thing of the realwhich was not directly inscribed in the unconscious, but converted to a signifier and only then retroactively inscribed. A Thing which was lost, which could have never been directly inscribed, but is only inscribed through its conversion.

Therefore, the memory of the holocaust can never be the memory of the Thing itself, but only its conversion to a signifier. A two-fold process, which is sometimes at the risk of losing its touch with the original traumatic core.


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That is why the commemoration taking place in the international Holocaust remembrance day is so crucial. It represents our collective insistence to inscribe that un-inscribable trauma, to find it a place in between the signifiers — in between ourselves. This is the only way wunderblocj collective traumatic experience can find its place in the course of history.

Through this paradoxical attempt. For the real can be made present, only in its absence, when it is eclipsed by the signifier.

February 4, 2 Comments. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin.