Go with the Gary Friedman book. Well worth the $25 (or so). It’s HUGE too. I printed it in color, double sided x11 and it takes a 3-inch binder. “Gary Friedman, that also is a member here (Sony Camera Group), I’ve just downloaded the a77/a65 book and can’t wait to start reading it. The excellent series of books for Sony Alphas has been updated to include the Sony A65 & A This is available as a download at the moment.

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I never knew that” moment. Is it with Busch’s? I have a number of other publications on the Sony Alpha and they just assumed I knew more than I did.

friedman a65-a77 book for an a57

I bought your A book no color and wished I had gone for the upgrade. I downloaded this to my iPad.

This guy clearly is in touch with the developers of the camera, he knows a lot of history of the company etc. Your ‘patient’ explanations and excellent examples have made my experience with the Sony so much more enjoyable. Edited by photobuf moderator 7 years ago.

This update adds more lens profiles to the lens correction algorithms, and adds only one function to help guard against accidental movie taking, whose function is quite obvious. The electronic version is the best deal. I bought the A77 one this week and it is amazing. And the enthusiasm of the author shows through and motivates the reader well. Your straightforward and humorous q65 of writing is addictive and I devoured your book in one night.

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I also like his explanations of what makes good composition. I bought this e-book book last night, from what I have read so far it freidman like a very worthwhile purchase.


Not only that, but you explain exactly which controls to use to achieve the desired result — How simple is that!?!: See the bottom of the page for details. I have friedjan having fun playing with that! I bought one photography book at Barnes and Noble and have checked out several more at the library, but none of them really fit me like Gary’s.

Gary Friedman’s E-Book for the Sony A65 & A77

Here is a link that might help It’s worth every penny and frierman pound of carry on. I can’t wait to have more time with both your book and my camera. I have the Friiedman Friedman book for A77ii. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Friday, May 25, Giving back I’ve only had one Friedman book before the aand don’t know how camera specific they are.

All my other resource materials are now gathering dust in my library at home.

Sony – The Friedman Archives – Stock Photo Images by Gary L. Friedman

Thank you so much for writing this manual. This is a divine gift which makes you so distinctive among other writers who have serious problems of communication! Best cameras and lenses I’d prefer to download it onto my iPad,which I believe is possible with Friedman’s. Guys, the new A78 will be unveiled soon That money doesn’t go to me – the vast majority of it goes to print-on-demand publisher Lulu. OK I’ve had the book for almost 3 weeks now.

I have never read Busch’s book, and maybe it is really good too, but Friedman’s gives me everything I need, plus a smile while reading. I have, and enjoyed, David Busch’s book for my A which I’d like to sell for a new lens or flash but haven’t yet gotten a book for the A77, which I bought a few months ago.

  DTO 2278 PDF

Super guide on A You have a great talent for writing and describing things most people would not understand without you! I wish you every success in the future so you can continue to help people get the most out of their cameras!

What others are saying about this and Gary’s previous e-books: I have the A77 and the A65 and there is little I would change about them. Thanks – the book is an incredible value!

There appear to be 2 expert books on it – by Gary Friedman and David Busch. First class, easy to understand and extermely thorough.

It’s on my smart phone and I have it with me always. I never consult the manual, just put it on “A” and start shooting.

Printed is quite pricy. I think Sony should employ you to write their camera manuals. The straight forward writing and excellent 6a5 to help explain each setting and jargon are just fantastic, anyone can read this and take it all in and not be overwhelmed by it all. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier.

I took the plunge and bought this with some trepidation after buying so called photography books in the past. I adore it when an author pays attention to, and accommodates, the psychology of the reader. One thing about the Dummy series is quality fluctuates, depends on who wrote the book.

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