The Polar FT60 training computer records and displays your heart rate and other version of this user manual can be downloaded at A beginner’s ftr/e handy, Guide to the yaesu handy-talkie, version 2, By r. g. sparber • Read online or download PDF • Yaesu FTR User Manual. View and Download Yaesu FTR operating manual online. VHF/UHF DUAL BAND TRANSCEIVER. FTR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for.

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The scanner will stop when it receives a signal strong enough to break through the Squelch threshold. Specifications are subject to change without notice, and are guaranteed within the and MHz amateur bands only.

Guide to the Yaesu. I thought I had manuals before. You are free to distribute this document but not to change it. SET ] key to enter the Set mode again.

Yaesu FT-60R Operating Manual

Page 29 The FTR provides a wide variety of memory system resources. I guess eating their not inform you of the fact. The data will now have been copied to the VFO, although the original memory con- tents will remain intact on the previously-stored channel. The reddish illumination yields clear viewing of the display in a dark environment, with mini- mal degradation of your night vision.

Programmed Vfo Scan 7. When you have made your selection, press the PTT switch to save the new setting and exit to normal operation. Fortunately, the FTR includes provision for dividing the memories into as many as ten Memory Groups, so you can categorize the memories in a manner convenient to you.


I am a proud owner of a Transceiver. Besides numerical digits [ 0 ] through [ 9 ]the keypad includes the [ ] and [ ] digits, plus the [ A ][ B ][ C ]and [ D ] tones often used for repeater control. Deleting Memories The data will now have been copied to the VFO, although the original memory con- tents will remain intact on the tf60 channel.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Availability of accessories may vary. Battery Charging Please be advised that the NC may contribute manuap to TV and radio reception in the immediate vicinity, so we do not recommend its use adjacent to such devices. Appendix 2 contains an alternate Table of Contents for.

Press the PTT switch momentarily to cancel the scanning. See page 71 for details. Memory Bank Manula The large number of memories available in the FTR could be difficult to utilize without some means of organizing them. Installation Of Accessories Open the Bat- tery Pack Latch on the bottom of the radio, then slide the battery downward and out from the radio while tilting the Belt Clip out of the way.

Manual Repeater Shift Activation To do this, follow the procedure below: Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

This yields a long period of monitoring time, tt60 no power will be consumed via audio output while scanning for the Alert Tone is in progress. Please send me your comments, corrections, and question. Microphone The internal microphone is located here.


Some accessories are supplied as standard per local requirements, while others may be unavailable in some regions. I thought I had.

When the Memory Bank feature is activated, the FTR will check the lowest memory channel in the current Memory Bank as the priority channel. To change the configuration of this key, use Set Mode Item When the radio is set to the EMG.

You may check your work by monitoring the entered callsign.

The scanner will only scan channels that are flagged Preferential Scan List. Smart Search Operation Smart Search is a great tool when visiting a city for the first time.


This And who knows, maybe some beginner out there will find value in i. Well, in this case, it was all in English and all important.

Dcs Code Inversion 4.

The beeper sounds when you press any key. Sparber Copyleft protect this document This is a work in progress.

See page 44 for details. See page 25 for details.