Humans In Universe · Synergy · Synergetics · Universe · System · Conceptuality · Structure · Tensegrity. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [R. Buckminster Fuller, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Synergetics 2: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [Richard Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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You will need 24 such struts and 12 such vertices.

Synergetics (Fuller)

Thus, the operational square root of 2 is 1. Here two exact sets of 60 Closest-packed spheres wedges are rotated degrees and twisted torque. The four dimensions refer to the movement of the four enclosing planes of a tetrahedron, not to rays to the vertexes. The irrationality of the height of an equilateral triangle: Metaphysical is always generalized principle. Now imagine the mid-edges of the square moving out to touch the circle, making 4 triangles using each of the square’s edges as a base.

Isn’t this what the scientific method is supposed to do? Several authors have tried to characterize the importance of synergetics. I think it provides a means of organizing our thinking to make it more effective.

In his quest he discovered what he referred to as “nature’s coordinate system”, the geometric articulation of energetic relationships, which he named Synergetics. She really understands Fuller’s philosophy of systems and its inherent complementarity, parity and synergy. It seems in fact that he actively uses them, but only as approximations, and with a synergetic conversion factor.


All conceptual consideration is inherently four-dimensional. So define the measure of a solid angle to be that fraction of a sphere centered at the vertex of synergstics angle cut out be the solid angle. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Lists with This Book. He then related the “multiplicative 2” and “additive 2” in this formula to the convex versus concave aspects of shapes, and to their polar spinnability respectively. An Octetruss, to use the trademarked moniker, is an OCtahedral and TETrahedral complementary grid implemented in such a way as to form a structural truss. I note that, in Fuller’s Octetruss patent, there is an implementation disclosed in which the struts are formed by the overlapping edges of aluminum triangular plates with 3 flanges.

Synergetics | Cosmometry

I cut and shaped a plastic prototype of an octet plate of my revised design. Bucky does little to extend an olive branch to his readers. This is because all conceptuality is polyhedral. A metaphoric language for communicating experiences using geometric concepts. A system of mensuration employing degree vectorial coordination comprehensive to both physics and chemistry, and to both arithmetic and geometry, in rational whole numbers What are we to make, for instance, of Alexander Graham Bell’s infatuation about the tetrahedron?

The resolution of their measurements is at a significantly higher level, in terms of fractional inches.

Begin with a tetrahedron, circumscribe a cube, and for the octahedron, take the dual to the cube in the sense that the edge of duals perpendicularly bisect each other. Using an inspired combination of geometric logic and metaphors from familiar human experience, Bucky invites readers to join him on a trip through a four-dimensional Universe, where concepts as diverse as entropy, Einstein’s relativity equations, and the meaning of existence become clear, understandable, and immediately involving.


The minimal system with the fewest possible points is a tetrahedron — four points make a primitive volume with an inside and an outside.

Pcgowan rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Bucky gets even more complex. But, to come out of the closet, my own interest is in mathematical models of how we think and how we might think more effectively!

I know Bucky took a lot of flak from those whose eyes glazed over after the same sentence went longer than two minutes or twenty -or-so lines, but somehow whenever I tried to find any grammatical or syntactical error snone showed up, and while I never actually did so, I had the feeling that one could even diagram his sentences.

The space-filling complementary tetrahedra and octahedra characterizing this matrix had prefrequency volumes 1 and 4 respectively see above. Well, in my opinion based on a very cursory examination Kelly didn’t comprehend the full meaning of Fuller’s concepts.

And, being that Fuller’s rather discrete geometry really never concerns itself with circles or spheres I suppose excepting sphere packingspi is not really needed. As it contracts comprehensively and always symmetrically, it goes through a series of geometrical-transformation stages.

Oct 06, Mark Siegmund rated it it was amazing.