A comic prequel, co-written by Matthew Schwartz and Megas XLR co-creator George Krstic, entitled FusionFall: Worlds Collide!!, was passed. Fusionfall: Worlds Collide -Chapter Archive- (By Wireless). «on: June 14, , AM». Heya:D. So since my old thread is basically gone I decided to. A comic prequel, co-written by Matthew Schwartz and Megas XLR co-creator George Krstic, entitled FusionFall: Worlds Collide!!, was passed out during Comic .

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Around the world, more fusiobfall blast through the skies, passing by the three Eds ‘ neighborhood, Ben Tennyson ‘s campsite, and a floating research station near which Samurai Jack resides. The Bookmark button is a very simple way to get notifications when your favorite manga have new updates. Shape of Love Kawada View: Blossom and Bubbles race outside to counter Coop and Jamie playing video games while a battle rages around them.

The Fusion spawns hit the helicarrier hard and Dexter yells thathe doesn’t know how many more hits the helicarrier can take. Mandark yells to the others that the Terrafuser is beginning to rebuild itself. Mac and Bloo suggest that they use a freeze ray on the Terrafusers, then throw them into the ocean.

Numbuh Fives replies that she wishes so, and then notices that Dexter and the Professor’s plan is working. Ben Four Arms arrives and finishes the remaining Fusions. Dee Dee rejects that idea, convincing the two to work together. The manga serves as a prequel fusionfalo the events in the game. Image server 1 2.


FusionFall Chapter 1 : Worlds Collide!! –

He cillide out of his suit and tells Blossom, Bubbles, Numbuhs Five and Two that he has detected three Terrafusers and states that nothing works against them because they keep regenerating. Dexter remarks that this is very bad and the Professor concludes that they’re just going to have to see what the Terrafuser does.

Acting quickly, he calls upon his monkey minions and tells them prepare themselves for conquest. Hunter Age Hunter Age Chapter You’re read manga FusionFall chapter 1: Dexter then realizes that Mandark got the necessary calculations wrong because he was flirting with Dee Dee.

Read manga online Read manga Manga online Manga Doraemon. Dexter informs the heroes that if they continue to attack with brute force they’ll just make things worse. In case you don’t know, Mangakakalot is a very cool responsive website and mobile-friendly, which means the images can be auto-resize to fit your pc or mobile screen. The Professor picks up a sample of the Fusions and Dexter tells the group that he and the Professor have discovered that the bio-machines are linked to a central structure, and that that structure is powering up for something.

The meteor outside of Foster’s promptly alerts Bloo and Mac to investigate. The device then alerts them that the Terrafuser has activated. This manga has been translated by Updating.


We promise you that we will always bring you the latest, new and hot manga everyday. The Mystery of Fusionfal. Sign In Don’t have an account? Professor Utonium explains that the Terrafusers have to be hit at the same time, for the plan to work. The Professor jumps for joy, hugging Computress much to her delight and shouting that he knew Mandark didn’t sabotage them.

Enjoy If you can’t read any manga and all the images die completely, Please change to “Image server”! The helicarrier then comes under attack by flying Fusion spawns. From out of the meteorite several alien lifeforms immediately start approaching the front door.

Planet Fusion arrives.png

Dexter fires the cannon at the main terrafuser, but not before it shot a signal that brought Planet Fusion to Earth. Dexter pushes the button to fire the cannon, but it malfunctions. Ben says he doesn’t care and that they should fusionfaall find the part for the EPC. Jamie asks Coop if he hears anything, and Coop replies that he only heard Jamie crying like a little girl after Coop beat him in “Destructo Challenge.