हिंदी कविता जब कोई रूठ जाये रंग जीवन का उड़ा आँखों से सपना बह गया खो गई सारी खुशियाँ बस खोखला शरीर रह. Maine Gandhi Vadh Kyu Kiya (Hindi Translation of Why I Assassinated Gandhi) ( Hindi) Paperback – Author interviews, book reviews, editors picks, and more. 11 सितंबर Labels: book by nathuram godse, download gandhi vadh kyon hindi, gandhi vadh, gandhi vadh kyon, nathuram godse, गाँधी वध क्यों.

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This book is written by “Nathuram V Godse”, everyone is aware of this name. This books publisher is “SatyaDharm Publication, Delhi. I want also get this book but i did’t get this book anywhere in india and book shops,publication.

I didn’t waste single minute to buy after seeing this book. In India I think you will find this type of book very raraly. This books publisher is “SatyaDharm Publication, Delhi”.

गाँधी वध क्यों | Gandhi Vadh Kyon Hindi Book PDF Free Download

There are lots of books written on partition. This book comprise of content from these book and individual. In book nathuram had mentioned that Gandi was hindu antagonistic. Partition is the disicion in which many hindu as well as muslim was killed.


Some lines from Godse. After that i was in reconciling. I feel that gandhi jee had take up much pain for tha country and i really respect him for this service to country.

But Gandhi jee didn’t have right to partition of motherland by fooling conuntries people. I don’t want any type of favor. I also don’t want that some one beg a favor for me.

And Junstice Khosle wrote: Many iof them killed thhem to save their dignity. Thousand of people were killed everyday from both of the religion with this dicision.

Nathuram Godse

This book includes lots many quotes from judges and other people who are directly or indirectly involving this. In this book writer very clearly explain the Kasmir issue which is still hot. People of kashmir is still live in a fear.

Contains of book are like this 1. Refugee and Gandhi Jee 3. Sardar Patel and 55 Crore 4.

Forsight of Gadhi’s murder 5. He was saying that it is not at all related to Savarkar. Even Savarkar don’t know that Godse is planning to doing it. With that there are lots of fact you will find in this book.


Gandhi Vadh Aur Main by Gopal Godse Ban | Indian Media, Politics, News and Views

I am still middle of the book. I will post gook bolg if i find more interesting thing in this book. Posted by Virus at 9: Once I done, will let you know View my complete profile.