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Aun and Muhammad were attacked from all sides. At once he heard a cry.

His wife also accompanied him to serve the Holy ladies. Will you not allow me that privilege? Jaun bin Malike Tameemi: Qasim and Abdullah were martyred, while Hassan-e-Mussanna born from Ju’ada daughter of Ash’ath survived. Where am I to shxheedan before myself getting martyred here”?

The son of the Second Holy Imam Hassan, a young boy who ran out of the shqheedan to save Husayn when he was being martyred, and was martyred before the Holy Imam.

Member feedback about Imambaras of Lucknow: Just at that moment another cry was heard, this time from Muhammad.

A liberated slave of Amirul-Momineen The Leader of the faithful. When these shaheedwn person marched towards the camp of the Holy Imam, Hur asked the Holy Imam for permission ee stop them from getting near the camp for they were coming from the enemy’s ranks.

A noble and very influential personality in Kufa uniquely brave. He was a noble chieftain of his tribe, a man of great influence in Kufa. Our Vision Contact us Recommend.

He was the son of the good lady who had served the Holy Imam as his nurse in his babyhood. The one who is said to have been trampled to death under the hoofs of the horses was one of the enemy’s men, not Qasim. It was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. A pious gentlemen, a good reciter of the Holy Qu’ran, who came to Karbala, and presented himself to the Holy Imam. These twin brothers had come from Kufa employed in the forces of the Devil to fight Husayn.


An aged veteran who had earned a glorious name and fame for his valor and prowess in the expeditions against the infidels. He was the one who carried the communications of the Holy Imam to the pious ones of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet in Kufa. A very brave man who got martyred in the very first attack from the enemy. These two were only young boys of about nine and ten years of age.

He was one of those who helped Muslim ibne Aqeel in Kufa. A staunch devotee of the Holy Imam. One of the faithful devotees and companions of Amirul-Momineen. He found her in Sajdah praying, “Oh my God, I thank you for accepting my sacrifice.

Ganj-E-Shaheedan – Punjabi Library

Qasim, although only thirteen 13 years old, had, like his cousins Aun and Muhammad, learnt fencing from Abbas and Ali Akbar. He saw the disappointment on her face, and saw tears forming around her eyes. One of the staunch devotees of the Ahlul-Bait. The son of a liberated slave girl of Husayn This lady, after having been liberated by the holy Imam, was married gajj a gentlemen and brought her son Qarib and presented him to the Holy Imam and Qarib was brought up by the Holy Imam.

Ganj-e-Shaheedan Mosque

Sa’d the liberated slave of Amirul-Momineen Ali: Munjeh–the liberated slave of the Second Holy Imam Hassan: Amir bin Muslim at Badi Basri: After Muslim’s martyrdom, he joined the Holy Imam.


Seeing the Devil’s forces decision to attack the Holy Imam, which he never thought would happen, left the ranks of the Devil’s forces and joined the Holy Imam. When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw the courage of this young fighter, he ordered his troops to attack him in force.

Hajjaji bin Masrooq al-Jaufi: Views Read Edit View history. When the dust of the battle settled, around fifty 50 of Imam Hussain pbuh ‘s companions were martyred.

A famous nobleman of Kufa, and experienced warrior specially selected by Ibne Ziad to command a contingent against Husayn. The Battle of Truth against Falsehood: Muhammad bin Muslim Aqeel: This article about a mosque or other Islamic place of worship in India is a stub.

Download Ganj E Shaheedan Allah Yar Khan Jogi Part 1

Only this city have the privilege of holding the Shabi-e-Rauza Replicas of the original Shrines or Tombs of all “Ahlebait” Members of Muhammad’s family. Visualizing Space in Banaras. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aun and Muhammad sons of Jafar-e-Tayyar: Son of the Second Holy Imam Hasan a.

The liberated slave of hazrat Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet-had come from Madina along with Husayn. The ‘Alam’ or the Banner which he held on behalf of the Holy Imam, was the Standard of Islam or the Truth, which is hoisted by the Shias, popularly during the mourning shaheeedan of Muharram, and is revered as do the faithful subjects of good Kings as a token of their loyalty to him.

Today I too want to be proud of my sons. His grandfather was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet.