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Health Care Institution cannot become operational until responsible body defined in section 72 of this Law issues the decision on fulfillment of criteria for commencement of the work.

Prevention of the financial risk for the citizens during utilization of health care services and provision of sustainable health care financing system. The cause of the death of a citizen that passed away in the Health Care Institution has not been clearly established. Public Health Care Institution may rent its facilities and equipment, for use after regular working hours for private health care activities, in accordance with sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.

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Internal professional supervision should be organized and provided by the responsible person of Health Care Institution, based on sub-legal acts of the institution. Internal organization and activities of the Health Care Institutions at all levels shall be defined with sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as in the establishing acts of each Health Care Institution.

Supply, storage, distribution and dispensation of drugs and medical consumables from essential drug list determined in the official register shall be defined by the special sub-legal act. The regulations regarding other public health activities shall be determined in a sub-legal act issued by the Kosovo Government, on the proposal of the Ministry of Health.

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The cause of death shall be defined based on the medical records and clinical autopsy. Obligatory apprenticeship and professional exam for all categories of the health professionals should be implemented in accordance with sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.


Health care workers are obliged to carry out re-licensing procedure every five years while respecting standards and norms defined in a sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health, on the proposal of General Health Council. In order to provide integrated health care and to achieve goals of a particular interest for the health care system, the Ministry of Health shall issue sub-legal acts for organizing Professional Health Care Services.

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It is also the biggest Metropolitan area in Albania and the one with a population of over The three smallest denominations remained similar in design to the series but depicted on the obverse, the 50 qindarka and lek coins depicted patriotic and military images.

The Ministry of Health issues the decision under paragraph Before then, Albania was a integrii without a currency, adhering to a standard for the fixation of commercial values. The present law shall enter into force after adoption by the Assembly on the date of its promulgation by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General. The honest and adequate use of public financial funds and transparent exercise of the competencies while providing health care.

The formal conditions for such plans shall inyegrimi defined in the sub-legal act from section paragraph Health workers have the right to be on strike in accordance with the law. Kosovo Sanitary Inspection as the highest sanitary control body is organized and is functioning as a part of the Ministry of Health.

If, despite measures taken based on paragraph Section 36 The regulations regarding other public health activities shall be determined in a sub-legal act issued by the Kosovo Government, on the proposal of the Ministry of Health.


Ranks Global Rank Global Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the world. See More Social Traffic. Mid-term objectives are defined through the health care mid-term plan for five 5 years that include: In the absence of a signed international agreement or principle of reciprocity, the non-Kosovar citizen may provide health care in the territory of Kosovo, based on the provisions of this Law. Insurance institutions defined under section Preparatory activities of the Government for infegrimi care provision in emergency situations include: According to this law a fine of 2.

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The provisions of section The Tertiary Health Care Institutions are institutions defined under gazta 31 paragraph The Primary Health Care Institutions are: Health Care Institutions, other juridical and physical entities exercising health gazera activities in accordance with this Law, shall harmonize the organization, work and their general acts with the provisions of this Law within 6 months from gazefa day this Law enters into force.

Benchmark yourself against your main competitors Peek into the hidden marketing strategies of your competitors, across industries and countries Keyword research made easy and based on actual traffic statistics Discover new opportunities while reducing risk by learning from your competitor’s mistakes Get Started for Free. The standards of health care. Health care activity provides the healthcare for the citizens by applying contemporary measures and methods of the medical science and related sciences as well through continuous follow up of those results.

Sanitary Inspectorate must be informed if a person has passed away due to contagious disease.