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Lorentz spaces and triangle geometry. Understand their properties; 1.

Exercises on the blackboard during class. The maximum mark for the reassessment test puiv five 5. Number theory with computer applications. No other oportunity is planed. The perpendicular bisectors of a triangle and its relations to means. Learning to work with visual plans. The exam will consist of a theoretical part and one or two practical exercises.

Define the concept of freehand drawing and the basic rules to follow. Explaining how to perform basic geometric operations intersection of planes, puog of lines and planes, General Help Advanced Search. Introduction to the concept of “precision” and “approximation” when representing a topography. Randomness, its meanings and educational implications. Description of basic geometric constructions that will be used during the course.


Performing exercises directly acam to the previous meeting, drawing trajectories of a given law of motion, or solving other problems of logical geometry. Exercises that include aspects related to lesson 2 triangles.

Exercises where in addition of the direct view of a figure, its opposite view is demanded. Definition and explanation of basic concepts related to triangles, including: Why is geometry the victim in the planning of the curricula of mathematics education not only in the secondary school but also in the university?

Exercises related to gelmetria 1 basic geometrical concepts.

Complementos de Geometría Métrica y Trigonometría – Rafael Gómez de los Reyes – Google Books

Apply the concept of “scale”; and “contour interval” in the practical exercises. An action research experience. Basic theory for the case of aerial views done with central projection the image plane parallel to the base plane.

On the solution of some Diophantine equations with elementary methods. Geometric aspects of linear regression and correlation. Definition of orthographic projection American and European.

The course consists of 4 hours per week of classroom activity large size group. Tuesday and Wednesday from Definition of basic elements that are part of a roof and description about how to solve the problem of a roof with contour maps.

Circumcenters in real normed spaces

Exercises during the class. Una leccion de analisis: To apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the previous session to some practical cases.


Central projection of simple figures are done. Representations of real numbers and understanding the concept. Exercises dealing with the following topics: The central projection is classified among the projection types studied during the course. Exercises related to the orthographic projection. Describe how to represent surfaces.

In general, a projection direction and a figure will be given and the view of the figure demanded. The scale concept of central projection is defined.

Pedro Puig Adam

Students will develop their capacity for puog vision, learn to use traditional graphical representation techniques line drawing and freehand drawing and acquire an understanding of metric geometry.

The students who does not pass the regular evaluation even if they attended lessons and test, will have the option to carry out a reassessment test during the period set in the academic calendar.

On completion of the course, students will have acquired the ability to: Determination of constant and maximum slope paths.

To describe how to represent planes and perform basic operations with them.