Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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Robert Gersony – Wikipedia

gersiny Given the current state of our information, it is impossible to say how many of those were active participants in the genocide or were engaged in any military action against the RPF when they were killed. One who declined military service ended by working in the civilian administration and another served as a liaison for the RPF with foreign humanitarian organizations.

They were then attacked by soldiers. Chris Black for providing these pdf documents. A witness from Rutare camp also declared that he saw groups of men being marched off behind a nearby school and that they did not return.

At that time, a spokesman in Geneva reported that a field officer at the Tanzanian border had witnessed RPF soldiers shooting at refugees as they tried to flee across the Kagera River.

They were both questioned but were eventually permitted to return to their lodgings. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat In his recent book on the Congo, Mr. Although the brief visits to the field by U. Although professing commitment to the ideals of human rights and to the values of openness and honesty, the RPF sought to limit investigations that might gfrsony evidence of abuses by their soldiers.

After RPF soldiers offered local people the opportunity to move east to a zone fully controlled by the RPF, several dozen residents and displaced persons refused to leave.

In addition, UNHCR representatives had inadvertently discovered a large number of bodies when they made an unannounced visit gersoy a stadium in Kigali which they were considering using for a transit center.

They put people in the room with me, then took them out and they did not return. After the genocide began, the RPF continued preaching the need for national identity to those who came under their control. One accused person was reportedly hit on the head and thrown into a mass grave, but managed to escape and fled back to the Zone Turquoise. On July 27, the High Commissioner appointed an Emergency Repatriation Team to conduct a thorough, systematic and comprehensive field assessment of the prospects for repatriation and to devise mechanisms which could accelerate the safe return to Rwanda of the refugee population.


Thus it has signaled that the killing of civilians, if perpetrated in the aftermath of a genocide, was understandable and would be tolerated, so opening the way to the further slaughter which took place in the months and years after.

The killings also served to reduce the population of Hutu males and discouraged refugees from returning to claim their lands. In Rango, south of Butare, RPF soldiers summoned local people and displaced persons from neighboring communes to two meetings, one on July 8 and another on July After questioning, those found suspect were put in a building apart which was called the house of the ibipingaor the opponents.

These activities are reported repkrt have begun, depending on location, between April gerskny Julyimmediately following the expulsion from each area of former Government military, militia and surrogate forces. However, they inexplicably basically dismissed the report pg. Large numbers of bodies are reported to remain above the ground, where some are partially consumed by dogs. According to him, ten regular soldiers ordinarily went into combat with one hundred or so Interahamwe, who were so unprepared that they became cannon fodder.

Robert Gersony

Its leaders may have been particularly concerned that the French might use the force to protect the interim government. Eventually some 35, persons would be housed in Byumba while anotherwould be at Rutare. Denis Gato, were found guilty and sentenced to prison, Bigabiro for life, Gato for forty-five months.

Sagato Ogata stopped encouraging Rwandan Hutu refugees to return to Rwanda because of the killings, as reported in the New York Times at the end of September. Josias Mwongereza, a prosperous merchant from Kigali, spent the months of April to June at Gereony, in his home commune of Murama in Gitarama prefecture. Journalists present in Kigali during July reported seeing a column of young men being marched under RPF guard to an unknown destination.


The Gersony Report: It’s Findings and more.

They brought no women. Prunier during a meeting with him that he had never written a “fully developed version” of his findings because he knew they would not be published. Especially since there were a lot of militia left when the city was taken by surprise.

Sometimes they left under the impression thatthey were being moved to Mulindi where they would have better lodgings and where they could assist in formulating government programs.

The RPF was, of course, right in declaring that the U. At Rutongo, north of Kigali, RPF soldiers reportedly went from house to house killing unarmed inhabitants 45 and at Murambi in Byumba prefecture, they killed seventy-eight persons, of whom forty-six were listed as children, between April 13 and Gersony was told to write no report and he and his team were directed to speak with no one about their findings.

Their first-hand eyewitness accounts — which comprise the main basis of this report — were detailed and credible, and they responded spontaneously to many follow-up questions, clearly describing events which they had seen.

Gersony Report

Burdened with the guilt of this failure, they confronted a more complex situation when Gersony revealed the apparent extent of RPF killings. Once present in Rwanda and recruiting supporters, the RPF taught new members the same repor. In Mututu, commune Muyira, Butare prefecture in early June, RPF soldiers asked children to go bring back the adults in their families who were hiding in the fields and bush.

One witness observed that the number of persons lodging in the same large room of a secondary school with him dropped from some one hundred to about sixty in the course of several weeks. Evidence gathered thus far suggests that the death toll was highest in certain communes of Kibungo, southern Kigali, Butare and Gitarama.

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