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Intoxication, fear, belief and corruption all have the same consequence. In which case we are going to be deceived. The Manual of the inquisition, the Malleus Maleficarum the Mallet of Witches stipulated that the accused witch had to be “often and frequently exposed to torture. It is only a detection device to treat it earlier. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Vhislaine account.

It renders the patient dependent.

The Medical Mafia

This global manipulation is extremely subtle. I knew It was possible- but Lanctpt did not blow how fa arrive at it It was not until 10 years later that I found that it could be done. If you find it “simplistic”, then I will have succeeded. This brave woman lost the right of being a doctor.

Except for one little detail. They are so drugged that many fall and fracture their hip! Why don’t the authorities realize this? mediccal


Nurses chased down parents at home who did not want their pre-school children vaccinated. It is a regime of medical terror.

It means the right to medicalization. These questions often remain unanswered or receive an answer with a question mark tagged on. Over the years, we doctors, have been taught sickness, but never health.

Like Native peoples, the people of Quebec are also a “bother”. I would like to explore with you that of the human being.

Right now, we are living in a materialistic world in which matter has priority over spirit, and in which, as a result, the spirit is at the service of matter. Until finally, the “breakdown” occurs. Having lived in these three countries, I fully adopted them. The medicine that is practiced is expensive, and we medicxl not have the means to continue to practice it.

Each entity on Earth is of identical nature, for it is issued from the same Source, the same origin. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Géminis Papeles de Salud – The Medical Mafia, a book by Ghislaine Lanctôt, M.D.,

And with our consent. For who would doubt the honourable intentions of the WHO.

It permits the targeting of people of a certain race, and leaves the others who are close by more or less untouched. And saying that, we know that we are in accord with ourselves.

Those who did not want to be vaccinated were pointed out and ghislainw as social outcasts. Our organism is a marvelous machine which is constantly adjusting to all conditions that it is subjected to, without ever saying a word. The easier it passes through these, the higher it raises their vibratory frequencies during its passage.


There is no way they are going to give up their job security.

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

They are four Cosmos to the the Source. If the baby is not following its pre-determined schedule, birth is induced, or a caesarean ordered. I am indebted to them. Homeopathy, phytotherapy, manipulative medicines such as osteopathy and massage were then taught.

To ask other readers questions about The Medical Mafiaplease sign up. And not victims of events or other mmedical. Then they mafai burned at the stake. In other words, treating the most subtle body and working towards the least subtle.

It buries one alive in a coffin of ghilsaine. In each of these countries, I have heard, and still hear today, the same refrain: And it therefore discouraged the practice of medicine. From which women were excluded. One that is custom-designed by Americans, for Americans. It is absolutely crazy and insane!