Gilbert Simondon’sL’individuation psychique et collective (Psychic and Collective Individuation, hereafter IPC) is an exceptional work that emerges out of the fog. Abstract. The French philosopher Gilbert Simondon () was the first true Simondon’s approach to individuation – most central of all. Differences in Becoming. Gilbert Simondon and Gilles Deleuze on Individuation [ forthcoming in Philosophy Today, , Summer , quote according to the.

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Views Read Edit View history. Indkviduation has become quite popular in recent years, and is a major reference point for among other things biological theories that contest the atomism of neo-Darwinist orthodoxy.

Gilbert Simondon

Gilbert Simondon has fascinated an increasing number of Anglophone scholars, not only as an important influence on Gilles Deleuze, Iglbert Stiegler or Speculative Realism, but also as a philosopher in his own right. Transduction in contrast is inherently topological, because it operates within a heterogeneous domain.

If Deleuze takes mathematical topology as a framework in which to find an idea similar to the singular point as a point catalyzing a process e. Furthermore, individuation always creates both an individual and a collective subject, which individuate themselves gilnert.

He is best-known for his theory of individuation, which in turn was a major inspiration for philosophers like Gilles Deleuze, Bruno Latour, and Bernard Stiegler.

To the degree that it informs the external environment, Simondon considers that the cast is singular but cannot be compared to a seed. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Nervous and cortical system development follow not Euclidean logic, but topological logic: Cecile Malaspina, Minneapolis, Univocal, There only exists a global phenomenon of individuation cf. Unless stated otherwise, the translation is ours.

Simondon on individuation – The Pinocchio Theory

Medium and message intersect. They key problem that Simondon tries to solve in that book is the segregation of units. Any diverging individual that persists is first tolerated by the error margins of the norm, before becoming a threat to the norm itself. While his main sijondon, which laid the foundations of his thinking, was not widely read until it was commented upon by Gilles Deleuze and, more recently, Bruno Latour and Bernard Stieglerhis complementary thesis, Du mode d’existence indoviduation objets techniques On the mode of existence of technical objects was published by Aubier immediately after being completed in and had an instant impact on a wide audience.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, As it happens, it is sometimes in the moments where both philosophies seem to meet most intimately that divergences become apparent. Whether the principle is seen as something that lies at the bottom of the being that will be individuated that would be the substantialist version or whether the principle is external such as in hylomorphismindividuation itself is only ever considered a derivative, subordinate process.

This mosaic disease TMV fig. In his theorizing processes of biological invention, Simondon can draw on existing research.

Gilbert Simondon, Individuation, and STS – An Attempt At Understanding – IAT , Spring

To begin with, Simondon argues against the received ways of approaching individuation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Individuation is a continuous process. But their philosophies equally provide a critique of the myth of immanent self-organization, insofar as it still feeds on the model of steering and regulation which both authors reject.


Ultimately, transduction is any transfer of information through a material medium. Robert Vallier, Evanston, Ill. Admittedly, Simondon is an extremely challenging philosopher, but the book lacks sufficient clarity to serve as an introduction.

Info Gilbert Simondon [ciepfc.

Concretizing Simondon and Constructivism: By insisting on the fact that difference cannot be reduced to diversity, and its management, it advocates 6 Pli.

The person then creates a sort of symbiotic developmental relation with its surrounding, both influencing each other in ‘becoming’. Consequently, the Simondonian singularity and the Deleuzian singularity are significantly different and do not overlap.

It is not by accident that lately, a lot of emphasis has been put on the dimension of the transindividual, which far from being just a multiplication of individuated beings, as Deleuze eventually suspected, is indeed a site of de-individuation. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat Links An article on Simondon by Mark J. Simondon considers the collective as anterior to an individual.