Ginecología y obstetricia: tratado anatomopatológico, clínico y endocrinológico de Novak / E.R. Novak, J.D. Woodruff ; tr. por Manuel Martínez de Victoria. : Ginecología y obstetricia. Tratado anatomicopatológico, clínico y endocrinológico, de Novak. Con figuras (18 en color): Ensayo. Medicina. NOVAK. Uploaded by milifeer. GINECOLOGIA. Save. For Later .. Uso-de-misoprostol-en-obstetricia-y-ginecología-FLASOGpdf.

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In short, the purpose of this book is to present to the reader as much information as is possible in as practical a fashion as possible on the subjects of gynecology and female endocrinology.

George Moore, William J. Achieve peace within a fragile countenance. Adams Hillard Chapter 9: Benign Breast Disease Baiba J.


In order to provide you with the same superb resource that Emil Novak began 55 years ago, Novak’s Textbook of Gynecology must be updated, and a new generation of men and women must accept his challenge.

Second, it has always seemed to me that the great majority of readers of textbooks on gynecology must be not at all interested in the details of operative technique, to the consideration of which most authors have devoted many pages.

Novak through the ninth edition in ; Drs. Any obvious lesions on the cervix or in the vagina should undergo biopsy. The patient’s feet should rest comfortably in stirrups with the edge of the buttocks at the lower end of the table so that the vulva can be readily inspected and the speculum can be inserted in the vagina without obstruction from the table. Subscribe to our Newsletter. If the patient desires a second opinion or if a second opinion obstetircia mandated by her insurance coverage, it should be facilitated.

Anderson Rene Genadry Chapter 6: Greenblatt, of Augusta, Georgia, I am grateful for the loan of illustrations; to Dr. Evidence of any lesions, erythema, pigmentation, masses, or irregularity should be noted.

Ovarian Cancer Jonathan S. Talk to the heart, speak to the soul. Endocrine Disorders Avner Hershlag C. This is particularly important in evaluating patients who may have a pelvic mass and in determining the extent of omental involvement, for example, with metastatic ovarian cancer.


The patient should also be encouraged to write down any concerns she may have and bring them with her because important issues may not come to mind easily ohstetricia an office visit.

It would be almost impossible, in any enumeration of such therapeutic products, to avoid omission of some of them, and this might be very unfair to products perhaps just as effective as those which might be included.

Merino 1J. On the other hand, functional disorders, including especially the large group of gynecological endocrinopathies, have been treated rather elaborately, in keeping with the avowed plan of covering the combined fields of gynecology and female endocrinology. During the history and physical examination, the identification of risk factors that may require special attention should be sought.

After thorough visualization and palpation of the external genitalia, including the mons pubis and the perianal area, a speculum is inserted in the vagina. The design of the book was established by Dr. Gknecologia should be performed to ascertain the nature of the bowel sounds. Novak inmany physicians on the faculty of Johns Hopkins, and subsequently some members of the Vanderbilt faculty, have helped carry the torch—Dr.

Bowel sounds associated with an ileus may be less frequent but at the same pitch as normal bowel sounds. Donald Woodruff and Obstetrkcia G. In a normal adult who is sexually active, a Pederson or Graves speculum is used. Lewis Wall Chapter The book was inaugurated by Dr. The patient should be alerted to the fact that the speculum will be inserted so that she is not surprised by its placement.

Pelvic Examination The pelvic examination is typically performed with the patient in the dorsal lithotomy position Fig. Salado 1J.

SAMP | Vista de materia

In addition to evaluation of the vital signs, examination of the breast, abdomen, and pelvis is an essential part of the gynecologic examination.

Adams Hillard Chapter 2: I hope that this book will be a useful resource for my colleagues and for students of the specialty of gynecology.


Valuable information can be provided by interviews with ancillary support staff and by providing pamphlets and other materials produced for patient education. This presentation style should facilitate the study of gynecology for the student as well as the specialist. Berek Preface to the Thirteenth Edition Novak’s Gynecology, 13th edition, has been thoroughly updated and revised to be certain that its contents and bibliography are current and accurate.

Matthew Peterson Chapter Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Ross S. Daberkow II Thomas E. There are numerous medicine websites on the Internet that can be accessed, although the accuracy of the information is variable and must be carefully reviewed by physicians before recommending to patients.

Seek the comfort of the placid obstetricja. Laboratory testing for routine care and high-risk factors are presented in Chapter 8. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have been asked to pen this foreword, as it has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked on this textbook and to have as colleagues in ginecologix endeavor so many superb physicians.

Ginecología de Novak

Some studies have demonstrated that the use of pamphlets is highly effective in promoting an understanding of the condition and treatment options. This item has received. Family Planning Phillip G.

A technique for obtaining information about the present illness is presented in Table 1.

Chester Reather, for most of the photomicrographs; to Miss Eva Hildebrandt, technician in the Laboratory of Gynecological Pathology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and to Sister Mary Lucy, technician at Bon Secours Hospital for help in the preparation of sections for microscopic illustration; to my artist, Miss Frances Shultz, for many of the illustrations; ginecologiaa to my faithful secretary, Re Helen L.

Schillings Howard McClamrock Chapter Adams Hillard Chapter To a number of my friends, especially Dr.

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