Globus Cassus: Christian Waldvogel [Christian Wladvogel, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. [AH] Zurich Dada – Globus Cassus by Aspecto Humano, releases 31 December 1. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes 2. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes (Antoni . He called this megastructure “Globus Cassus”. All of Earth’s matter would be used, and the hydrosphere and atmosphere would be retained on the inside.

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The polar ice caps would have melted and the Earth’s mass, and therefore gravity, would have declined.

Globus Cassus

The remaining materials of the earth’s core and crust are further dismantled, and all the people and czssus ride the elevators up to the new structure.

Then magma is pumped towards the globys, where it is used to form thin shells in the skeletal openings. At the same time, people are making their way to the new, larger Earth. The gases and liquids will drift outward to the be caught on the inner surface of the new shell, a process known as “The Great Rains”. No heavens for the gods, and maybe paradise for man. A unique sound filled with classic ’80s xassus ’90s analogue synths.

During this process, the massive heat radiation of the core accelerates plant growth and therefore aids the process of establishing a functioning biosphere.


Transformation of Mercury into a Globus Cassus

Tags anbau antoni maiovvi aspecto humano zurich dada disco electronica franck kartell synthpop synthwave Barcelona. Four satellites orbit at a constant distance above the Earth. Atomic Eyes by The Rain Within. If you like Aspecto Humano, you may also like:.

Append content without editing the whole page source. Humanity would live on the inside of this gigantic structure. The thickness of the new megastructure shell would be km, and the radius of the new earth would be just a little smaller than the size of Saturn.

The leftover heat from the mantle helps accelerate glibus growth. This is taken away to create Globus Cassus, a new, much bigger habitat, cassue out from scratch. The transfer process of atmosphere and hydrosphere is called “The Great Rains”.

Tight synth lines draped in retro ’80s glory.

Eight of these openings are fitted with large, inward-curving window domes made out of silicon glass. All basic needs are met.

Christian Waldvogel

CS1 German-language sources de. Archived from the original on Then, the core is dismantled to build shells at the polar regions. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia. Shrink-wrapped gr black vinyl, in black card outer sleeve and paper inner sleeve.

Edit At this point, in the original Globus Cassus proposal the Earth would have shrunk due to having been used up so much. At this point, in the original Globus Cassus proposal the Earth would have shrunk due to having been used up so much.


Globus Cassus is proposal by Swiss architect and artist Christian Waldvogel presenting a conceptual transformation of Planet Earth into a much bigger, hollow, artificial world with an biosphere on its inner surface.

Streaming and Download help. They start to live in a new way, settling and dwelling in their new habitat, Globus Cassus.

Nitrogen would also be needed in the atmosphere. They detach gloubs from the Earth and the Great Rains begin. Click here to edit contents of this page.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Left over hydrogen from Ammonia could also be used for Fusion.

The atmosphere and hydrosphere would then wander towards the Globus Cassus. A skeleton spanning the Earth completely is constructed from these intermediate pieces.

Then magma is pumped towards the skeleton, where it is used to form thin shells in the skeletal openings. The magma is made into a very thin shell.