View Golshan Raz’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Golshan has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz). Mahmud Shabistari (–) translated by E.H. Whinfield. This summit of Persian mystical poetry was written. Gulshan-i Raz or Gulshan-e Raz (Persian: گلشن راز , “Rose Garden of Secrets”) is a collection of poems written in the 14th century by Sheikh Mahmoud.

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What bliss, what ecstasy, what intoxication! He joined the service of Syed Muhammad Nurbaksh ar in A. But the saintship in a saint is concealed, Whereas in a prophet it is shown forth openly.

This is the state named fana, effacement, wherein he is effaced from golehan, so that he is aware neither of his body, nor of outward things, nor of inward affections. If you are a man, come forth and pass on, Whatever hinders you, pass aside by it. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The heart is to knowledge as a vessel, The shells of knowledge of the heart are voice and letters. He who turns his face from the world of forms to that of verity, and holds intuitive certainty.

In the course of the eighteenth ggolshan several copies of the poem found their way to the great European libraries. You seek the appro- bation of the base, and, by consorting oglshan them, sink to their level.


When ” The Truth ” is set in evidence in a phenomenon You express it by the word ” I,” l “I” and ” you ” are the accidents 2 of Very Being. In every strain which they hear from the minstrel Comes to them rapture from the unseen world.

Satan’s goolshan of origin from fire led to his fall. The world is yours and yet you remain indigent.

Lahiji uses the expression, ” the worlds of ‘ilm and ‘ayn. The man who dwells far from the portals of ” The Truth,” For him the veil of darkness is better than the veil of light. There is here a play on the word ” tui,” which means ” firm ” as well as ” youness.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz)

Although perfect analogies are unattainable, Nevertheless continue steadfast in seeking them. Time is one imaginary point, and that ever passing away, You have named it the fleeting river. Urdu Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Whereas ” women are wanting in intellect and faith,” 2 Why should men choose their road? While other creatures reflect only single divine attributes, man reflects them all.

The names which follow are those of the seven essential Divine attributes. The world is a later emanation.

Gulshan-i Raz

Through him stones and animals will receive life. And of them our lord Muhammad is the chief, At once the first and the last in golhsan matter. Mahmud’s Pantheism is an amplification rather than a miniinification of the idea of the Divinity, infinite, omnipresent and omnipotent. Seethe passages from St.


Gulshan-i Raz – Wikipedia

Light and mercy are the recompense of equity, Darkness and cursing the requital of iniquity. The book was written about in rhyming couplets. All the authority of the law is over this ” I ” tolshan yours, Since that is bound to your soul and body. Next he is made lord of will by ” The Truth.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz) | The Matheson Trust

The world of phenomena and man every thing else in fact but Allah they identified with Not being, absolute nonentity, which like a mirror reflects Being, and by thus borrowing particles of Being rises to the rank of Contingent being, a kind of being which, as Plato says, is and is not, and partakes golshn of existence and non- existence. The only particulars of his life recorded in these Tazkiras are, that he was devotedly attached to one of his disciples named Shaikh Ibrahim, and that in addition to the Gulshan i Raz he wrote treatises entitled Hakk ul Yakin and Risala i Shahid.

One exposes these mysteries to the vulgar and causes scandal, another keeps them concealed. Phenomenal being is as the dot on ‘aijn, When ‘ayn is clear, gliayn becomes ‘ayn. In ignorance make not yourself entangled.