Since the production of her first solo play, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), she has become widely known and revered in the theatrical and literary. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Ann- Marie MacDonald. Photo by David Hawe. Used with permission from Random. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) [Ann-Marie MacDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this exuberant comedy and.

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The change is subtle but meaningful; Constance doesn’t become a full-blown warrior like Desdemona, but we see new flashes of self-assuredness.

At some point beforehe moved to London and began a successful career as a dramatist, writing comedies, histories, and tragedies for the stage. Based on her journey of self-discovery, Constance provides an antidote to the tragic impulse by stressing that it is necessary to abandon inflexible, absolute values; acknowledge the complexity of the world; and listen to the Wise Fool.

Juliet exclaims that she loves her all the more. The men make lewd jokes and go to the bathhouses. Though sitting in house seats, I could not see half of the physical comedy MacDonald uses when toodnight, and the desk blocked the view of the next three actors’ entrances and the comedy of a term paper pushed through the letter-slot.

In the midst of a swordfight, Constance reads the manuscript page and is transported into Romeo and Juliet, just in time to prevent Romeo from killing Tybalt. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. As she declares her independence from the Bard, she places her faith in sisterhood: The language is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of real Shakespearean iambic pentameters and clever imitations.

They discover that they have the same birthday. Desdemona encounters Iago carrying goodnigt of filth, and Iago stirs jealousy in her. Why does all the tribulation in Shakespeare’s tragedies hinge on flimsy plot devices such as stolen handkerchiefs and wrongly delivered letters? Constance is able to escape the sexism of the literary establishment represented by Professor Night, who is not only exploitative but also manipulative and repressive. Constance resists Juliet and tells her of her bitterness about love.

While living in Toronto, MacDonald came out as a lesbian, and her family accepted this fact desdemnoa. In this environment of relative tolerance and stability, the flourishing of the arts in continental Europe spread to England, and the late sixteenth century became famous for a flowering in the arts known as the English “Renaissance. Many of the play’s characters experience a learning process about their gender roles.


This julket is a “power” indeed, because it invites contemporary readers to reinvent history outside the accepted patriarchal discourse. Immediately after the feud is averted, Romeo, Mercutio, and Tybalt invite her to the baths to “baptize” their new friendship.

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at Belfry Theatre – a review

Skip to main content. By the end, she has discovered her sexual desire for women, uncovered her true potential as a scholar, and gained a broad and substantial confidence in herself. Romeo then enters in Juliet’s clothing, but Constance leaves before he can woo her. After that, it is destination Verona and our unlikely heroine, disguised as a boy, rescues Tybalt and is amorously pursued by both Romeo and Juliet, now trapped in a faltering teenage marriage.

Capulet’s servant is handing out invitations to Romeo and Juliet’s marriage feast when Constance pounces on him, mistaking him for the Wise Fool. In a sense, her role is to redeem Desdemona and Juliet from four hundred years of resignation to their grim fates.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) – NOW Magazine

Her petty bickering with Romeo and the threats to tell their parents reveal that they are both immature adolescents who are inconstant in their desires. She reconstructs a feminist happy ending and urges contemporary spectators to desdemonx the same, reinventing and repossessing history.

She is a somewhat clumsy and absent-minded person, but she has a great talent for teaching and literary analysis.

Othello binds Iago and expresses his gratitude to Constance. Constance claims that she is not a lesbian, but Juliet convinces her that they should make love. Constance Ledbelly Lesley Robertson is a timid yet dedicated assistant professor who is convinced that Othello and Romeo And Juliet were both originally comedies before being adapted into tragedies.

Othello murders Desdemona, Juliet kills herself, and Constance Ledbelly throws a pen and a manuscript into a wastebasket. Tybalt sees Romeo kiss Constance and sends Juliet to interrupt them.

And both, significantly, require an element of mystery, the inexplicable. Woolf creates the fictitious Judith Shakespeare, William’s “sister,” to account for the absence of female Renaissance playwrights. So begins Constance’s transformation from “Mouse” to a self-confident, strong, independent woman. The three plots merge neatly in the final scene, uniting the transformed Desdemona and Juliet, now comic and reformed heroines—or at least aware of their tragic tendencies—and with Constance, no longer the Mouse, but the Mighty One.


Othello murders Desdemona, Juliet and Romeo kill themselves, and Constance Ledbelly throws a pen and a manuscript into a wastebasket. Both modern clinical analysis and alchemy, considered a science in its day, deal in transformations, changing what is into something better.

There are hints in Othello that Desdemona is interested in war and violence, and Shakespeare indicates to some degree that Juliet is strong-minded, but Constance’s reimagining of these characters goes far beyond interpretation or even parody. In a moment of despair, Constance is thrown into both her subconscious mind and the two Shakespearian tragedies to discover the truth about herself, and to find the lost fool with the help of Desdemona and Juliet.

The men make lewd jokes and go to the bathhouses. This satisfies our desire for closure and brings the comic narrative to completion. Nestled in the middle of the University of Toronto, Hart House Theatre is the perfect location for this hilarious, thought-provoking remount of Ann-Marie MacDonald’s debut comedy about a quirky Shakespeare scholar who gets magically transported into two of the Bard’s most famous tragedies.

Because the play is funny, they say, audiences do not feel that they are being hit over the head with a political message. Thirteen-year-old Juliet is known throughout the world as a symbol of young love. I thought only a Wise Fool could turn tragedy to comedy. And what, after all the extruded comic complication, are we to make of the banality of concluding speeches such as, “I’ve had it with all that tragic tunnel vision” and “Life is a mess, thank god.

Romeo and Juliet was probably first performed in or and Othello in or Then it’s off to fair Verona, where Constance stops Romeo from killing Tybalt, setting off a daisy chain of unexpected reactions, with both Romeo and Juliet cross-dressing to try to win her love.

Nothing is what we expect of Shakespeare — Romeo is a quiet and romantic young fellow, while Juliet Pippa Mackie is a spoiled brat with a definite appetite.

They share a long kiss, and then Juliet admits that she lied about knowing the name of the Wise Fool.