tages of this account of indicative conditionals, and in section. 5 I reply to on Grice’s Views about the Logical Particles of Natural Language,” in Prag- matics of . if it is a valid inference, then the indicative conditional conclusion must be logically 3 H.P. Grice, in his William James lectures, 4 pursued the first of these . conditionals, but not those of indicative conditionals, are known to be false or at . of this view include Lewis [], Jackson [], [], and Grice [a]. 6.

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That’s enough to know that if x isn’t red, y is red. As facts about the norms to which people defer, these claims can be tested. The lines of a truth table constitute a partition. And I might indicatjve think it likely that that possibility obtains, i. Roy Sorensen – – Philosophical Quarterly 62 Is the nearest R -world a B -world or not?

Suppose you start off with no information about which of the four possible combinations of truth values for A and B obtains. Johnston – – Philosophical Studies 83 1: So if A is false, only one possibility remains: Assuming truth-functionality — that the truth value of the conditional is determined by the truth values of its parts — it follows that a conditional is always true when its components have these combinations of truth values.

The other is the content of a conditioals made under that supposition. But he still takes his original theory to be a serious candidate Stalnakerand this remains a popular theory. It is logic’s first surprise. I can think it highly likely that if Jones is elected, Brown will resign immediately afterwards; I can also think it highly likely that if Brown dies before the election, Jones will fonditionals elected; but I do not think it at all likely that if Brown dies before the election, Brown will resign immediately after the election!


This is defective on the proposal: Let us transpose this to the one-person case: Stalnaker’s reading of 2 is implausible; intuitively, we accept 2 as equivalent to 1and do not accept 5. I have entered a competition and have a very small conditiohals of winning.

The Material Conditional: Grice

These sentences are not to be construed as applying an adverb to a conditional proposition. This is just to say that one’s confidence in a conditional is measured by p Indlcative B.

Here are three consequences:.

Other philosophers have also defended the view that indicative conditionals are strict conditionals, without adopting Kratzer’s restrictor view, for instance William Lycan and Anthony Gillies Truth Conditions for Indicative Conditionals 2.

Someone might react as follows: For Jackson’s more recent thoughts on conditionals see his postscriptpp. Conversational Implicatures and How to Spot Them.

But if we use conditionals when arguing about contingent matters, then great caution will be required. For instance, I’m to pick a ball from a bag. Lewis’s final example is particularly interesting, especially because this paper was written at much the same time as his proof that conditional probabilities are not to be construed as probabilities of conditional propositions. The main argument points to the fact that minimal knowledge that the truth-functional truth condition is indicahive is enough for knowledge that if AB.

Grice 3 The Material Conditional: However, we do not know which world is the actual world. Geicequoted from Kratzer p. Also this approach is somewhat unprincipled, using a kind of average of quite distinct gricr of thing: I express the desire that if I win the prize Wyou tell Fred straight away T.


Why should the nurse be concerned with what the doctor would command in a counterfactual situation? This point holds for any kind of strict conditional — any kind of ‘must’.

You don’t touch it. Conditional commands can, likewise, be construed conidtionals having the force of a command of the consequent, conditional upon the antecedent’s being true. On this conception of validity, the premises are not treated as assumptions.

History of Western Philosophy. If I believe that B if Ai.

Material Conditional: Grice – Oxford Scholarship

Justin Khoo – – Philosophical Perspectives 27 1: The difference is this: Here are two sentence forms which are, intuitively, equivalent: Widening our perspective to include these other conditionals tends to confirm Supp’s view. Suppose I have forgotten your command or alternatively am inclined to disregard it. It is invalid in Adams’s logic. Further, when our arguments do not contain conditionals, if we have certainty-preservation, probability-preservation comes free.

If our smoothest, simplest, generally satisfactory theory has the consequence that it does follow, perhaps we should learn to live with that consequence.

He taught us something important about classically invicative arguments as well: