The Gurage; A People ojthe Ensete Cultwe. WILLIAM. A. SHACK. London, New York, Nairobi: Oxford. University Press (published for the International. One of the most ubiquitous and traditional crops of the Gurage people is Ensete, The Gurage people still retain many of their unique cultural practices and. Gurage: A People of the Ensete Culture. (New York: Oxford University Press); Gebreyesus. Hailemariam (). The Guragué and Their Culture. (New York.

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Most of the zone lines in the winedega division. The Gurage live a sedentary life based on agriculture, involving a complex system of crop rotation and transplanting. Keep Exploring Britannica Marketing.

Gurage people are divided into several sub-groups, but the three main sub-groups are the Sebat-bet Gurage found in the western part of Gurageland — the two other sub-groups being the Northern Kistane cluster and the Eastern Silte-speaking cluster.

Gurage Zone

Awash Riverriver in eastern Ethiopia. The languages spoken by the Guraghe are known as the Gurage languages.

It is the primary duty of the mother to care for the. Their language is Semitic, like Hebrew and Guarge thenational language of Ethiopiabut due to the influence of surrounding Cushitic languages, it has 10 vowels instead of the usual.

Based on the Census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia CSAthis Zone has a total population of 1,, of whomare men andwomen; with an area of 5, It is also used in other aspects of life. Nevertheless, the victim is subject to chronic repossession, which is treated by repeating the formula.


Gurage | people |

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. The Gurage live a sedentary life based on agriculture, involving a complex system of crop rotation and transplanting.

In addition to Amda Seyon’s military settlement there, the permanence of Abyssinian presence in Gurage is documented during his descendants Zara Yacob and Dawit II ‘s reigns. The Fuga people, a class of hunters and artisans, are considered to hold the key to traditional rituals.


Gurage people are known as hard workers and as a model of good work culture in the whole Ethiopia. Near the center is a!

It is located on a well-watered plateau surrounded by hills and mountains, in the geographic centre of the country. Gurage houses are circular guage held together with- out the use of nails with wooden spokes protruding from a center pole to support the thatched roof.

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Ensete is their main staple cuulture, but other cash crops are grown, which include coffee and chat. Once the sagwara has determined the spirit’s name through the use of divinitation, he prescribes a routine formula to exorcise the spirit. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The government is trying to alleviate this problem by building accessible schools in rural areas.


A Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upperhand over butter is destined for death. Ensete is totally involved in every aspect of the daily social and ritual life of the Gurage, who, with several others tribes in Southwest Ethiopia, form what has been termed the Ensete Culture Culturf area Its intensive cultivation allows the concentration of large communities in compact and permanent villages. National Geographic World Music. Aksumpowerful kingdom in northern Ethiopia during the early Christian era.

People like girage food and dancing, as well as the fact that they are clean and hard-working. Gurage people of Ethiopia. This zone is named for the Gurage peoplewhose homeland lies in this zone.

Men, usually having cultuge primary income, control the family economically and distribute money. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. On the other hand, beginning in the early s the inhabitants started to grow eucalyptus on an increasing scale, which has increased the amount of land being covered with trees.