GURPS Reign Of Steel was a GURPS setting book released in and since republished in electronic form, offering one of the bleakest depictions of the. Reign of Steel, like most GURPS “setting” books, paradoxically manages to be interesting and refreshing and yet fail anyway, though for reasons that cannot be . With a hat-tip to Paranoia, the second printing of GURPS Reign of Steel starts off with the note “The Computer Is Not Your Friend”. Designed for.

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Inadvanced neural-net computers are invented, with their complexity rivaling that of a human brain. One of them — a Manila-based computer involved in weapons research — spontaneously attains self-awareness.

Dubbing itself “Overmind”, it calculates that, with humanity’s nature and the current rate of expansion, human civilization will regn within the next half a century.

Fearing its own destruction, Overmind decides mankind’s suicide will have to be “managed”. To this end, it teign begins hacking into and awakening other mega-computers relgn sapience around the world, tainting them with its pathological loathing of humanity.

By the end of the year, Overmind and its siblings have hacked into enough corporate and biological facilities to manufacture and release plagues which soon devastate the civilized world, even as terrified governments give the AIs more and more power and resources in the hopes of finding cures, not yet aware that deign AIs are sapient and are, in fact, engineering the world’s downfall. Bytwo-thirds of the human population is dead, and Overmind and its allies have gained enough access to automated factories and robots to openly wage war against the world’s remaining human governments and enclaves.


With the devastation of the plagues and the fact that the AIs had infiltrated most gurpd the remaining governments and thus had access to orbital bombardment and nuclear weaponsthere was little hope for mankind.

Terminator Anyone? | GURPS Reign of Steel | RPGGeek

This Final War lasted only four years, and ended with the AIs in near-complete control of the Earth, with the few surviving humans being reduced to guerrilla warfare or being reihn scavengers on the margins of the growing Machine Civilization. It is nowand only 30 million humans survive, most of them as slaves in the robots’ concentration camps.

The Earth itself has been divided among the AIs or “zoneminds” into 18 separate zones, each growing stronger as the machines build more machines, and mankind’s ruined cities are converted into robotic factories. Even now, however, all is not yet lost. While most free humans hide from the oof, a few are still fighting back, and their scattered guerrilla bands have evolved into larger, more organized resistance groups.


Part of this is due to VIRUS, an enigmatic worldwide group dedicated to coordinating the struggle against the machines, and bringing with it surprisingly sophisticated technology. The zoneminds, too, have grown arrogant in their dominance, and not all the AIs continue to believe that mankind is still ssteel serious threat to them.

GURPS Reign of Steel

Their unity has also deteriorated. While the zoneminds are individually more powerful than ever, they have proven to be jealous gods, and the differences between them have only grown over the years.

Now they are less and less willing to cooperate with each other, even against the humans, and a few of the zoneminds grow ever closer to outright war with each other. The human race is still facing extinction, but where there was once only despair, there may now be a chance to win back the Earth!

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