(This very great prayer requesting Guruvayurappan(Lord of Guruvayur) . Sloka prayers for solving various problems Compiled by Sri Vathsa. Given below is the collection of last slokas from Daskasmn 81 to 90 of this great devotional put the slokas in context. O Lord of Guruvayur!. While above Guruvayur he smiled at the pompousness and vividity of the procession by chanting 8 slokas in praise of Govinda, known as Govinda Ashtakam.

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By this she wanted to show her acquaintance with the saint Villwamangalam.

Next day morning, the Melsanthi removed all the garlands from the idol, but one garland remained stuck on the idol. He is the presiding deity of Guruvayoor templewho is being worshiped as Shri Krishna in His child form Balagopalanpopularly known as Guruvayur Unnikkannan Guruvayur baby Krishna.

None can kill and none can be killed. One day Poonthanam was wrongly reciting “Padmanabho Maraprabhu”,which means Lord of trees in Malayalam. When the trees started to yield coconuts, he dlokas the first coconut from all the trees in a sack and set forth to Guruvayoor.

After completion of cooking the Keezhsanthi went to Rudratheertham for a bath but not to return. Thinking the sun had set Jayadratha appeared on the scene and Arjuna killed him fulfilling his vow.

But the idol again remained unmoved. Areas with water appeared to him as dry guruvatoorappan whereas dry areas appeared as full of water. Once he asked Narada who could be easily propitiated, pleased. As soon as he left, the coconuts began to fall from the trees, on their guruvayoorappa, one after the other.


Prayers to the Lord of Guruvayoor from Narayaneeyam -9 – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

After his daily worship, Villwamangalam started for Chemmangatt’s house for the bhiksha. He was advised to go and pray before Guruvayurappan. Edited and scripted by V. Poonthanam Namboodiri was a humble devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan. Five-headed Mura rose up from the waters of the sea threatening Krishna who cut off his head by his ckakra.

The blessed art form is still maintained by guruvayur devaswom and staged as an offering by devotees.

The Rishis made Vasudeva perform a Yaga, for the removal of all difficulties and for the benefit of slokass. Sankaracharya is believed to have instituted the Mandala Vilakku lighting of lamps for 41days. His wife, though equally good at heart, had not as much self control. He rushed to Poonthanam and sought his forgiveness. Rudra is predominantly sattwic with a trace of tamas; only Mahavishnu is purely sattwic.

While non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the temple, Lord Guruvayoorappan has strong believers from many religions. Bhattathiri concludes this dasaka with the following sloka: When the robber pulled the sack forcefully out of the villagers hands, the coconuts spilled out.

Guruvayoorappan – Story, Miracles, Slokas, Guruvayur Temple

The wise man showed him the mark on his left foot where the cobra had bitten him. Slolas baby Krishna is worshipped on a Vishnu deity.

Even today, the coconut with horns are displayed in the temple for devotees to see. Once an old Brahmin with severe stomach ache approached Villwamangalam for relief.

King Nriga, cursed by a brahmana, gurvayoorappan taken the body of a huge lizard and was trapped in a well. As they repeated it thrice, the lord told them that they would have three janmas births and that He would be born to them in each of their three incarnations.


The sound of tinkling of bells from the northern nalambalam attracted his curiosity. Later he found the Lord sitting amidst the Marar boys drummer’s boys and sharing feast with them, as the Lord gguruvayoorappan fond of the feast given to the Marar boys. Guruvayoor Temple The many centuries old Guruvayoor temple is located in guruvayoorapoan town of Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala, India and is one of the most important temples of India.

There was some talk about this among the people.

After listening to his grievances, she told the Brahmin to have a bath in the tank, in the name of Lord. A young Varasyar girl would make a garland every day and offer it to the Lord in the night. She sarcastically told Kururamma that now she was doubly clean and stated that today Villwamangalam would be coming to her illam house of a Brahmin for bhiksha alms. Krishna, for some reason, brushed it aside saying it was all fate. When the Sun turned North he gave up his mortal body and merged in Brahman, all the time seeing before his very eyes the Your captivating form.

In due course the Lord was born to them. On santhi’s arrival, Variyar told the complaint that Unni himself had eaten the Nivedyam, and that he was making a false story. The second time, he was born to Kashyapa and Aditi and took form as the avatara of Vamana.