Ahl al-Kisa or the People of the Cloak, are the Islamic prophet, Muhammad; his daughter, Fatimah; his cousin and son-in-law Ali; and his two grandsons Hassan . Every Muslim should know the historical events of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole this purpose this beautiful app has been. The historical event of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole app contains Hadith-e-Kisa. With a view of perfecting the benefit of .

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No more than a while passed when my son al-Hussain came in, “Peace be upon kkisa, mother! Shia scholars, however, do believe in the infallibility of Muhammad. A narration attributed to ‘A’isha reports:. The tradition about this hadith goes from different sources to Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad. God desires to take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you thorough purifying “.

Ahl al-Kisa

Author of Tareekhal Baghdad, vol. In the copy of Awaalim along with Falakan, Tasree is quoted, whereas in other copies, Yasree and Tasree both are quoted.

God has given me permission to enter the cloak kissa you. One day, my father the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his Household, visited me, “Peace be upon you, O Fatimah!

Generally, Sunnis hadeees accept the spiritual significance of the event of purification as exalted in the Quran and elaborated upon by Saheeh Hadith see belowbut do not subscribe to the political authority that the Shia infer from this belief.

Gabriel, the trusted, landed near them and said: Hadwes a while, my Husain came in and said: These words are not found in common copies, whence in it is founds the complete series of virtues and excellences. When all five of them joined together under the cloak, Muhammad narrated the Quranic verse Hadees-e-Kisa rated 4 on a 1 to 5 point scale based on votes.

My father replied, “Peace be upon you too, my son and director of my Pond. Part of a series on Shia Islam. I swear it by Allah. God wishes to remove all filth and impurity from you, O People of the House of the Prophet, and to render you utterly free of all pollution.


Panjetane 5 Paak-pure declaring their purity and infallibility — And there is no place in this noble verse for any other lady other these five noble ones — Neither it is related to the wives of the Prophet s.

Hadees-e-Kisa :

Wishing for purity and the disappearance of defects, is a separate proof that Ahle Bayt a. In reference to verse The two largest branches, the mainstream Twelvers and the Ismailisconsider them to be in a state of ismahor infallibility: Getting together underneath the cloak, my father, the Prophet of Allah, held the two ends of the cloak and raised his right hand towards hadess heavens and prayed:. The mention of the Holy Prophet s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lastly it is necessary to make this clear that, in izaa wajhohoo yatalaa laa the word is izaa and not izan — The word izan is used in the last part of the Hadeeth, the difference of which can be orderly sensed by the owners of intellect and literature.

The word Fulk is singular and plural both. Whoever hurts them, hurts me too.


Then, I looked at him and saw that his face was shining like a full moon with its glory and splendor After a while, my son Hasan came in and said: O Residents of My Heavens, verily, I have not created the erected Sky, the stretched earth, the illuminated moon, the bright sun, the rotating planets, the flowing seas and the sailing ships, but for the love of these Five lying underneath the cloak”.

The Holy Prophet s. The All-Highest conveys His peace on you and His greetings and says:. He has, by declaring the purity and equality in excellences made this also clear that, alms are prohibited for Ahle Bayt a. As after which such a group was born which eliminated this possibility too, and in his crude ideas established the proofs that the application of Ahle Bayt cannot be to the infallible, by it is meant only the wives of the Holy Prophet s.

The All-Highest conveys His peace on you and His greetings and says: Lord these are my Ahle Bayt and are my specials, their flesh is my flesh, their blood is my blood, whoever troubles them I am troubled by if, whoever pains them I am pained by it, whoever fights with them I fight with them, and whoever compromises with them I compromise with them, whoever is their enemy is also my enemy, and a friend of them is my friend, they are from me and I am from them, O!


In the copy of Awaalim, the reply of the Holy Prophet s. In contrast, the third branch, the Zaidisview them only as political figures with the duty to lead revolts against corrupt rulers and governments. Fatimah, her father, her husband and her two sons”. A copy of this Hadeeth has been entered in the book of Allamah Sheikh Mohammad Taqi ibne Mohammad Baqir Yazdi Bafqi, which he has directly traced from Awaalim, and has quoted that, this Hadeeth is present in the book Awaalim, which is in more than 70 volumes, and is secure in the library of Hujjatul Islam Aaqae Mirza Sulayman in Yazd — 11th volume is regarding the events of Siddiqa-e-Tahera s.

Who are the ‘people of the house’ here? Then I stepped forward and said: The verse is started with the word innama, which itself means that Allah has based His wish in their purity, and this a best proof of their being a fountainhead of piety and graces.

The Shia counter-argument is that the verse itself says “only,” implying that the blessing of this merit is exclusive to a single group and one other than the wives, i. Hereunder is mentioned the achievement of one or two great honourable scholars amongst the scholars of Islam.

Hadees-e-Kisa with English Translation – حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء

So have our adherents. After a while, my son Hasan came in. Ar Rawza an Nazeer.

Will you allow me to be with you under this cloak? The hadith is an account of an incident where Muhammad gathered Hassan, Husayn, Ali, and Fatimah under his cloak.